Fall/Winter 1998

The Sociologists' Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caucus

The Sociologists' Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caucus is organized to:

Encourage unprejudiced sociological research on lesbians and gay men and their social institutions;

Provide a forum for current research, teaching methods and materials, and professional issues relevant to homosexuality;

Monitor anti-gay ideologies in the distribution of sociological knowledge and to investigate practices oppressive to lesbians and gay men;

Oppose discrimination against gay and lesbian sociologists in employment, promotion, tenure, and research situations;

Maintain a social support network among its members.

For more information, subscriptions or submissions to the newsletter, email Tracy Ore tore@STCLOUDSTATE.EDU ow write:

P. O. Box 2133
Saint Cloud, Minnesota 56302-2133

To join, and get our newsletter, send $7.50 (student), $20 (salaried), or more to SLGBTC at the above address, with the following info:

Mailing Address
Telephone (h): (w): Fax:
Do you want your name included in a members-only directory?

The newsletter contains SLGBTC business, what to do at sociology conventions (The American Sociological Association, the Society for the Study of Social Problems, etc), calls for papers, job announcements, book reviews, and occasionally, academic articles.



SLGBTC Members and all queer and anti-homophobic scholars in the social sciences are invited to join GLQSOC-L, the Gay/Lesbian/Queer Social Sciences Email Discussion List. Click here.


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