NetGALA -- Basic Information


Network of Gay and Lesbian Alumni(ae) Associations

Who we are...

NetGALA, the Network of Gay and Lesbian Alumni(ae) Associations, is a national association comprised of over 175 gay alumni groups and 1,300 individual members. NetGALA exists to facilitate interactions between its constituent alumni(ae) associations and to act as a resource of information pertaining to the organizing of Gay and Lesbian Alumni(ae) Associations.

What we do...

NetGALA publishes a quarterly newsletter NetGALA News and holds a semiannual conference with a variety of workshops on topics such as Starting a GALA and Virtual Networking. NetGALA also acts as a point of contact between different groups and individuals trying to find out if their college or university has a gay and lesbian alumni(ae) association or seeking information on how to start or better organize their GALA.

Care to help us?

We're always looking for people to help us with our group's administration- the newsletter, answering inquiries about college groups, etc. If you'd like to help just write to one of the board members listed below. Thanks!!!

How to contact us...

P.O. Box 53188
Washington, DC 20009

The NetGALA Board...

David White

Board Members At-Large
Liz Zale

Debra Twigg

Matt Brown

Paul Hinkle

Mike Madison
Last revised April 25, 1996