Immigration Equality

            Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force/LA
   c/o L.A Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center/Legal Services Department
             1625 North Schrader Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028-9998
   (new vox) 323-526-2915 (fax) 323-993-7699 (email)

The Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force, Inc. (LGIRTF) is a non-profit organization, headquartered in New York City, with chapters in many cities across the country. It was first convened in 1993 by Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and The Center International Lesbian and Gay Association, and is advocating the reform of discriminatory immigration laws in the USA. Immigration Equality is the Los Angeles chapter of the national LGIRTF organization.

Immigration Equality
seeks to end discrimination in immigration against lesbians and gay men through education, outreach, advocacy, and a nationwide resource and support network.