Safety Tips Violence and harassment against the lesbigay and transgender community is real.  Learn to recognize potential problems and warning signs in your daily routine.  Not every attack can be prevented but there are things you can do reduce your risk.  Your primary consideration should be your personal survival.  Here are a few safety tips that may help: 

STAY ALERT.  Awareness is your best self-defense; know what is happening around you.  Be especially careful if you are alone or drunk. You must avoid being a victim by staying alert.  The same principles of defensive driving should be used when walking or going about your daily activities.  Look for potential problems.  Be prepared to react to them. 

TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.  Don't assume a false sense of security because you are either surrounded by people or in a remote area.  If you think something is wrong, remove yourself from the situation. Trust your gut -- if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. 

WHEN WALKING, PLAN THE SAFEST AND MOST DIRECT ROUTE.  Evaluate and be aware of your surroundings.  Use well-lit streets.  Keep a safe distance between you and others, and always have an out (somewhere you can turn to run if you feel threatened.)  If you feel uneasy, trust your instincts and go directly to a place where there are other people. 

PROJECT CONFIDENCE.  Walk as if you know where you're going.  Walk in a confident manner, and hold your head up.  Keep your hands free and keep them chest high in crowds. 

CARRY A WHISTLE.  If you feel threatened, blow your whistle, bang garbage cans, honk your horn, or shout "fire!" to attract attention.  Only wear things around your neck that will break free if some one grabs them on the run. 

HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED READY.  Hold your keys when going to and from your car, home and business. This will save time and give you some security in having protection.  Any device you carry for protection may be used AGAINST you.  Select security devices carefully. 

IF YOU FEEL THREATENED.  Cross the street, change direction, run to a place where there are other people, or walk closer to traffic.  Step out in the street on the other side of parked cars. Be alert when some one moves into your space, that three foot radius around you. 

IF YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED IN A CAR, TURN AROUND AND WALK QUICKLY IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.  Get the license plate number and a description, if possible. 

IF YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED ON FOOT, TURN AROUND TO LET THE PERSON KNOW THAT YOU HAVE SEEN THEM.  Immediately cross the street or run toward a place where a number of people will be. 

IF YOU DECIDE TO BRING SOMEONE HOME.  Introduce her or him to a friend, acquaintance or bartender so that someone knows who you left with.  (Check out our Safer Dating Tips.) 

WHEN DRIVING A FRIEND HOME, WAIT FOR A SIGNAL THAT THE FRIEND IS IN THE HOME AND SAFE BEFORE DRIVING AWAY.  Develop a signal that involves more than simply turning a light on.  A more complex signal, like turning the light on and off three times, will be distinct and make potential danger clear. 

IF A STRANGER IS AT YOUR DOOR, DO NOT GIVE THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU ARE HOME ALONE.  Shout over your shoulder, or indicate in some way, that there is another person present. 

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO STRANGERS WITHOUT VERIFYING THEIR IDENTITY.  Make strangers show you a picture ID and make police officers show you formal identification. 

DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE OR TO "WRONG NUMBER" CALLERS.  Instruct children, visitors, and/or extended family members to do the same. 


REPORT INCIDENTS OF VIOLENCE OR HARASSMENT.  If you don't report what happens, we won't be able to stop it from continuing. 


Call 911 or your local emergency number.  Please also report what happened to the HATE-CRIME NETWORK.

If you are not a victim of violence, but want to help: LAMBDA encourages concerned people, gay and straight, to get involved in ending hate violence.  Hate crimes affect everyone.

Break the silence!  Our communities must know that domestic violence and hate crimes are serious, ongoing problems.  Share this information with others. Contact LAMBDA to arrange a workshop or presentation to your group or organization

Join LAMBDA.  Give what you can to LAMBDA and other organizations working to end violence. Your financial donations are vital in maintaining our services. 


For more information, contact us or visit http://HATE-CRIME.NET