Safer Dating Tips

Here are some suggestions on making dating safer.
  • Find out who your date is.
  • Ask for your date's first and last name, where they work and live, and what they like and don't like.
  • Ask around to see if anyone knows the person.
  • Introduce your date to others (e.g., your friends, the bartender.)
  • Tell a friend where you're going, or call your own answering machine as if you were calling a friend.
  • Make sure your date knows you spread the word about them.
  • Choose public places, such as malls or restaurants, for first meetings.
  • Get/mix your own drinks: There may be a reason a person insists on getting or mixing you a drink.
  • Getting you drunk or giving you "knockout drops" is an easy way to cloud your judgment or make you pass out.
  • Protect your valuables. Don't carry extra cash.
  • If you bring someone home, don't leave your wallet, cash, or valuables in sight.
  • Your possessions -- and the person you brought home -- could all be gone while you're in the shower or asleep.


Special thanks to NYCAVP for sharing these tips with us.


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