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Gay youth play strives to promote tolerance

El Paso

Some young actors are hoping to get across a message of tolerance through a new play being presented this weekend in El Paso. 

A new play, "Piece of Mind" deals with a gay relationship but the playwright says it's a script everyone can relate to. 

David Rubalcava, 20, a student at U.T. El Paso, writes from life experience. This weekend he's bringing his words to the stage. 

His play is the story of two gay men who meet, date for two years, breakup and move on in very different directions. Rubalcava said he thinks anyone could play these roles. 

"I don't see the difference between heterosexual and homosexual besides gender. I mean we have the same problems and the same happiness -- and if people can see that I think they can be more accepting," Rubalcava said. 

"Piece of Mind" is being presented in conjunction with National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. It's a story about relationships, but theatergoers won't see anything explicit here save for a little adult language. 

"Piece of Mind" plays Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at 1301 Texas.

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