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Welcome to  
El Paso GLBT Community Center


216 S. Ochoa

(across from the New Old Plantation)
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What is the
Community Center?

The GLBT Community Center is located in downtown El Paso close to many of the city’s gay bars and businesses. Seven days a week, the Community Center is filled with activities that aim to address the needs of the GLBT and HIV-affected people living in and visiting the El Paso metropolitan area.

Various gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, HIV/AIDS-related and 12-Step groups meet regularly at the Center. Most of the programs and services at the Center, however, are staffed, funded, and produced by LAMBDA, the Center’s parent organization. As a non-profit agency, LAMBDA offers social service programs that address the crises confronting our multi-cultural community. Some are public policy programs, while others are cultural programs that allow us to explore who we are, how we live, and what it means to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-affected.

Many of these programs have been with us since the Center's founding; others are brand-new. Produced by the Community Center staff and ancillary volunteers; and overseen by LAMBDA’s Key Staff, our Executive Director, and Board of Trustees; these programs constitute the Center's best efforts to support and reflect the complexity and diversity of our community

For current information and scheduling for each program, please check the Community Information bulletin board located at the Community Center’s entrance and here.

The GLBT Community Center* is a division of LAMBDA GLBT Community Services, a non-profit organization serving gay El Paso for 12 years.  It features a large library, the Ol' Gay Cafe' coffee bar, Internet access, Generation Q, meeting spaces, and a safe, comfortable place to be yourself. 

We need your support to keep the Community Center strong. 

Volunteer.   Donate.   Participate.

Here's some of what the Center offers you:

  • community events, such as special dances, plays, and parties

  • ongoing support and discussion groups

  • workshops

  • educational forums

  • a gay café, for socializing and meeting new friends

  • meeting space for local groups, providing opportunities for community growth & coalition building

  • a safe space to be yourself

  • cultural programming

  • an expanded Generation Q Pride Store

  • lounge/TV area

  • local community information

  • regional bulletin board

  • Internet access stations

  • gay library and resource area

  • online news and event information

  • ... and more!
LAMBDA is sincerely appreciative of Bob Bonaventure, the New O.P., Don Kirkpatrick, Salvador Caballero and Americas Real Estate Services, AT&T LEAGUE, Hampton Inn, Microtel Inn & Suites, and our team of extremely hard working and dedicated volunteers for their efforts to create this new facility.  LAMBDA welcomes the support of other interested groups and individuals.  Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


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Gay El Paso
Primarily serving
El Paso, TX, Cd. Juarez, Chih. MX, and Las Cruces, NM.
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*The objectives of the Community Center are to provide a safe, accessible, and non-threatening environment for personal and community growth related to sexual orientation and gender identity issues; to provide centralized work areas and a clearinghouse for vital information, support, and resources for GLBT organizers; and to encourage networking, cooperation, and pride among the region's GLBT groups and the public.