A gay-friendly voice is just a phone call away....


By calling from any Touch Tone phone, you are instantly delivered into a powerful world of information, assistance, and enlightenment.   For many years, people complained that they didn't have anywhere to call for information about "gay & lesbian things."

Then in 1991, the answer was clear: LAMBDA Line!

Each year, thousands of people call LAMBDA Line, a computerized switchboard.  Often, a person just visiting the area will call for local bar/club information.  Locals call LAMBDA Line for help with problems, referrals, and sometimes, just to talk.  Sometimes, a person is in a difficult spot and they need emergency help.  The reasons for calling LAMBDA Line are as varied as the people who call.  But our volunteers work very hard at making LAMBDA Line a useful tool and a "friendly voice" for them all.   As we say, almost everyone has a phone... and they work in the closet, too! 

LAMBDA Line offers many things to do including:

  • reach LAMBDA volunteers and leave messages
  • contact other local groups and organizations -- across town or across the nation
  • report violence, discrimination, or abuse
  • listen to recorded news items & features
  • hear community alerts & event schedules
  • check on safer sex, drug/alcohol, STD, health & AIDS information from recorded and live sources
  • listen to This Way Out, the international gay & lesbian radio news magazine

If you belong to another organization...

To include your group or organization's event or listing on LAMBDA Line, just contact us.  Non-profit 501(c)3 groups get free listings; commercial and for-profit groups may purchase ad space or underwrite portions of the service for a nominal cost. 

An important note:

If you can make a donation to help support LAMBDA GLBT Community Services, please contact us.  LAMBDA relies on a small staff of volunteers, fundraising, and donations from the community to sustain its operations.  Your support is greatly appreciated and vital to our success. 


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