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Tuesday, September 5, 1995


"And Justice for All" Will Organize
on Internet, Campuses and at Public Events

WASHINGTON -- And Justice for All, a new non-profit organization dedicated to achieving equality for everyone without regard to sexual orientation and to increasing the visibility of heterosexuals in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights movement today announced its inception.

And Justice for All (AJA) will seek to achieve its goals by organizing on three fronts: colleges and universities, the Internet, and at public events. Executive Director Jonathan Zucker believes the group will fill a need by providing vital news about the movement for equal rights to a part of America that is often unaware of important events in this struggle.

"A lot of useful information is produced every day by l/g/b/t rights organizations," said Zucker. "Unfortunately, much of this information never reaches heterosexuals who would use it. And Justice for All will focus on getting them in the loop and giving them the tools they need to support this movement."

The Internet

And Justice for All has taken full advantage of the remarkable technology of the Internet by subscribing to relevant newsgroups and mailing lists and creating a World Wide Web page that links directly to national, regional and college organizations. AJA recognizes the quality of the activist alerts published by other organizations and has no intention of duplicating their efforts by researching and publishing its own. Instead, with the permission of the publishers, AJA will act as a clearinghouse and coordination center for action, galvanizing straight support for these calls to action.

Colleges and Universities

Even a large university is a relatively small community - a place where just a few committed individuals can make a major impact. AJA will capitalize on the level of tolerance and acceptance found on many campuses and work closely with l/g/b/t student groups to identify unprejudiced heterosexuals, and assist them by serving as a on-line resource center and through its quarterly newsletter. AJA will encourage members to participate in their college or university's l/g/b/t activities by taking an active role in speak-outs, panels, and similar events, and by writing letters to the editor of the school and community newspapers.

Public Events

Throughout the year, cities and towns, organizations and institutions sponsor Pride festivals and other events to promote awareness of l/g/b/t issues. These events serve both as a place for activists to come together and as the primary interface between the l/g/b/t and other communities.

And Justice for All will take an active role in these events because they provide such an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of the movement. Members will listen, speak and distribute information with the aim of bringing new members to our organization and into the movement as a whole.

Annual membership in And Justice for All is $20 ($5 for students and those with a limited income). Members will receive our quarterly newsletter to keep them apprised of our efforts and informed of major events in the struggle for l/g/b/t rights. Members who are on the Internet will receive more frequent updates and action alerts. Larger donations are always welcome.

And Justice for All is a non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(4) of the internal revenue code. Contributions to And Justice for All are not tax deductible and may be used to advocate the election or defeat of candidates for federal office.

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