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Friday, November 3, 1995


WASHINGTON, D.C.--And Justice for All (AJA), a new nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving equality for everyone without regard to sexual orientation and to engaging heterosexuals in the bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender rights (b/g/l/t) movement today announced that David King, its communications director, will moderate a discussion entitled "Mobilizing Straight Allies" at the Creating Change conference to be held November 10-12 in Detroit. Creating Change is an annual national conference for activists hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute.

"To the best of our knowledge, this will be the first discussion focused on activating heterosexuals and bringing them to the front lines of the movement," said King. "We see this as an opportunity to learn valuable grassroots organizing skills and tactics from some of the most knowledgeable lesbian and gay activists in the country, and also share ideas about how best to mobilize the many, many straight supporters we have out there. I look forward to accomplishing something."

Newly appointed co-chairs of AJA's advisory board, Don Davis and Rev. Meg Riley will attend the entire Creating Change conference, and Davis is expected to attend the discussion.

"Never in the history of the movement for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender equal rights have so many cared so much about our issues," said Davis. "Now more than ever we have an opportunity to move forward quickly. And now more than ever it is important that we build bridges... that we bring along with us the hearts, minds, and souls of all peoples willing to join us in our pursuit for equality. And Justice for All provides an important new opportunity for our movement to make new friends and to align them with us permanently as we continue our movement forward."

And Justice for All is a grassroots membership organization. Annual membership in AJA is $20 ($5 for students and those with a limited income). Members will receive our quarterly newsletter to keep them apprised of our efforts and informed of major events in the struggle for b/g/l/t rights. Members who are on the Internet will receive more frequent updates and action alerts. Larger donations are always welcome.


And Justice for All is a non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(4) of the internal revenue code. Contributions to And Justice for All are not tax deductible and may be used to advocate the election or defeat of candidates for federal office.

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