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     Tuesday, June 17, 1997
     Contact:   Christopher Layfield
                Jonathan Zucker
                202.628.4160 x4008
     Professor Chai Feldblum to join student leaders in speaking out 
     against conference
     (Washington, DC) - Chai Feldblum, Associate Professor of Law, 
     Georgetown University Law Center, will join students of Georgetown 
     University in demonstrating their opposition to the American Public 
     Philosophy Institute's "Homosexuality and American Public Life" 
     conference.  The conference is being held at the Georgetown Conference 
     Center June 19-21.
     This precedent setting protest will be the first university sanctioned 
     demonstration outside of a campus "free speech zone."
     Professor Chai Feldblum will be attending the conference and plans to 
     brief demonstrators on the progress of the conference and provide an 
     analysis of how this conference differs from an academic conference.
     "As a professor, I will be interested to see if the conference 
     delivers on its promise to provide a comprehensive exploration of the 
     issues.  I must confess to some skepticism based on the current lineup 
     of speakers.  I am concerned that the academic balance, which is so 
     essential to both quality scholarship and campus diversity, is lacking 
     from this program," said Chai Feldblum, Associate Professor of Law, 
     Georgetown University Law Center.
     "This conference is being held on our campus.  We want to make it 
     quite clear to the conference participants and organizers, as well as 
     the University administration, that we do not support the hateful and 
     bigoted message of the conference," said John Cronan, President of the 
     Georgetown University Student Association.
     "We hope that the community will join us in showing their displeasure 
     with these proceedings.  It is important that we show that most people 
     reject the extremist message of this conference," said Christopher 
     Layfield, president of Georgetown Pride, the undergraduate 
     organization for bisexuals, gay men and lesbians.
     WHAT:      Demonstration
     WHERE:     Parking Lot outside Darnell Hall, Georgetown University
                3800 Reservoir Road, NW
     WHEN:      11:30 a.m., Saturday, June 21, 1997
     WHO:       Chai Feldblum, Associate Professor of Law, Director, 
                Federal Legislation Clinic, Georgetown University Law 
                John Cronan, President of Georgetown University Student 
                Christopher Layfield, President of Georgetown Pride
     This demonstration is being coordinated with a press conference on 
     Thursday, June 19.  For more information about the press conference, 
     please contact Jonathan Zucker at 202.628.4160 x4008.

And Justice for All (AJA) is a grassroots membership organization dedicated to achieving equality for everyone without regard to sexual orientation and to engaging heterosexuals in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights movement. P.O. Box 53079 (202) 298-9362 Washington, DC 20002 justice@clark.net

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