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Wednesday, May 1, 1996


WASHINGTON, DC -- National nonprofit organization And Justice for All (AJA) today announced the addition of three new members to its Advisory Board. Amity Pierce Buxton, Robyn Ochs and Beth Milham will lend their expertise on a range of critical issues in the struggle for equality for bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgendered (b/g/l/t) people.

"Amity, Robin and Beth bring an even greater depth to AJA's Advisory Board. In their chosen areas, each has achieved not only notable stature, but a wealth of expertise that will benefit not only our staff, but our members as well. We are excited to have them join us, and look forward to working with them in the months ahead," said executive director Jonathan Zucker.

Amity Pierce Buxton, author of The Other Side of the Closet: The Coming-Out Crisis for Straight Spouses is Chair of the international Straight Spouses Network, a project of PFLAG and the Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International.

Buxton began what is now a decade-long study on the effects on spouses and children when a husband or wife discloses being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered when her husband of 25 years came out of the closet. She has counseled spouses and lead support groups for gay men and their current of former spouses and now facilitates a group of San Francisco Bay Area heterosexual wives and husbands.

Buxton received her Ph.D. from Columbia University and appears frequently on national television to discuss issues of mixed-orientation marriages.

Robyn Ochs is an activist on bisexual and b/g/l/t rights issues. She is the editor of the Bisexual Resource Guide, a contributor to many anthologies, and has taught most of the college courses on bisexual identity ever offered.

Ochs gives workshops and talks on bisexuality, coalition building, and other topics, and is a founding member of the Boston Bisexual Women's Network and the Bisexual Resource Center.

Beth Milham, from Newport, Rhode Island, is Co-founder of the Rhode Island Straight But Not Narrow Coalition, a member of the Rhode Island Task Force for LBGTQ Youth, a Director of the Rhode Island Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights, and Chair of the Rhode Island Chapter of the NAMES Project.

A registered nurse certified in HIV and AIDS counseling, Milham currently works with the CODAC III methadone maintenance program as administrator and counselor.

For additional information or a membership brochure for AJA, call (202) 298-9362, or write to justice@clark.net.

And Justice for All is a non-profit corporation organized under section 501(c)(4) of the internal revenue code. Contributions to And Justice for All are not tax deductible and may be used to advocate the election or defeat of candidates for federal office.

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