Queer Zine Explosion 14

This list has the zine reviews from Queer Zine Explosion #14, compiled in October 1996. Some of these reviews also appeared in issues of Factsheet Five. This is a version of this file that just has new zines since QZE #13, which was published in October 1995.

Zines with a "*" at the beginning of the description field have new issues, and those with a "+" are the first review of the zine. Those without a symbol are reviews more recent than Factsheet Five #60.

Send queer zines for review to
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(email: larrybob@io.com)
Holy Titclamps web page: http://www.io.com/~larrybob)

2% Homogenized
Issue 1
An article which outs Newt Gingrich as a sodomite and calls for his arrest, since he received oral sex, which is a crime in Newt's home state of Georgia; what Newt really stands for; a case in Wisconsin in which heterosexuals were prosecuted for the woman being on top; texts from sodomy suits; Bob Dole "waffles" about the Log Cabin Republicans; sodomy law map; Hawaiian gay marriage; an article on GOPAC; Militia Mistress contest.

$2 to 2% Phil Box 45252 Madison WI 53744-5252 28 pages, digest

Issue 1
A comic book about dykes living in the Powderhorn Park section of Minneapolis. Jay dyes her hair to look like Hothead Paisan, and gets an attitude to match, and goes on a rampage. Her friends try to figure out how to get her back to normal.

$2? to Jennifer Box 8823 Minneapolis MN 55408-0823 24 pages, standard

Abrupt Lane Edge
Issue 6
Chris writes about leaving Minnesota for California; going to the rock'n'roll drag bar Squeezebox in New York; memories of a childhood friend; the joy of K-Tel albums; a couple pieces about friends Chris has lost track of; the TV show Square Pegs; trailer trash confessions; Chris' first punk rock love; an Anonymous Boy drawing; memories of Chris' late queer brother. Web page:http://www.best.com/~poboxale

$1 to Chris Wilde Box 423963 SF CA 94142 28 pages, digest

Issue 8
A poem about a meal; Don writes about his transgendered friend Layla Downs; those sick "Love Is" comics; music reviews; more poetry; nice full-color cover. Web Page: http://www.middlebury.edu/~eggert Email: eggert@panther.middleb ury.edu

$1 to Don Eggert MC Box 3374, Middlebury College Middlebury VT 05753-6033 24 pages, digest

All Acts of Pleasure
Issue 1
This is a zine for queer pagan leatherfolk. It includes a description of a "Rite of Asension"; using Tarot in an S/M scene; the Professional Dominant as Modern Temple Prostitute; book and music reviews. Email: firesong@cet.com

$1.50 to Kerry Renaissance PO Box 1245 Spokane WA 99210-1245 8 pages, standard

Anything That Moves: The Magazine for the Bisexual-At- Large
Issue 10
Linda Poezl writes about her late husband, Brian Young, who was also bisexual; questioning Signorile about outing gay and lesbian leaders as bisexual; Michael Szymanski writes about how coming out as bisexual led to his father buying him a house; a letter to the Human Rights Campaign Fund; a section on bisexuality and the media; bisexual internet resources; interview with long- time activist Maggi Rubenstein; the biphobic mayor of St. Paul; comics by Kevin McCullock, Dorinne, and Roberta Gregory; an article on the Zapatistas; more.

$6 to BABN 2261 Market St #496 SF CA 94114-1600 68 pages, standard

Aquarium Town
Issue 3
+The editor, Joe, is from the Islands of Solomon and Sheba, an island nation 500km west of California. It's a zine that's both deeply personal and deeply political, and features some very insightful writing. An article on Ho Chi Minh, slacker from history; a visit to Great America; letters to a friend, including one about being bisexual (apparently, in Sheba bisexuality is the norm); how the US invasion of Grenada led to Sheba training its youth in warfare; the voyeuristically designed House for Josephine Baker, and its similarity to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Email: jmwright@igc.apc.org

$? to Aquarium Town 1042A Guerrero St SF CA 94110 40 pages, standard

Art & Understanding
Issue 22
This magazine is on the subject of AIDS, and literature and art that responds to it. Contents include a pro-Howard Stern opinion piece; an interview with Harvey Fierstein; an interview with Mark Matousek, author of Sex, Death, and Enlightenment; paintings by Michael McConnel; an excerpt from a book about what went wrong with safe sex education; theater and book reviews.

$4 to Art & Understanding 25 Monroe St, Suite 205 Albany NY 12210 60 pages, standard

As I Breeze Through
Issue 4
*Keri's band Ken; owning the coolest cat in the world; hating Joan Osborne; being a bisexual woman attracted to fags; being into British pop; why do all the lesbians go to dance clubs?; meeting Sonic Youth.

$2 to As I Breeze Through Box 424801 SF CA 94142-4801 24 pages, half standard

The Assassin and the Whiner
Issue 5
*This issue of Carrie's autobiographical comic starts with a full-page drawing of her clutching a vibrator and shouting "Give me ah gawd-dangened girlfriend or else!" Among the topics of the comics in this issue are insomnia; wanting to call a girl but not doing it; having a birthday in Scotland; as a child, telling her mom she wanted to marry a girl.

$1 to Carrie Box 481051 LA CA 90048 16 pages, digest

Aunt Franne
Issue 3-4
+The cover picture shows a woman with headphones with a "Dyke Core" shirt on. Contents include a column by Donny Switchblade, whose opinion that "there is no need for experimentation" in punk rock is so ridiculous it must be parody; a comic by Tony "Anonymous Boy" Arena called "Straight and Narrow"; interview with the Lone Wolves; an interview with Ben Weasel; a big article on the Chicago queer punk fest; an article by a guy with a mail-order record business. #4 has an article about how people consider the "worst word" to be "cunt"; a piece about how it's o.k. to do music zines; interviews with a punk from the Philipines and the Rickets, a report on the Dirtybird Queercore Festival, and lots of zine and music reviews.

$1+stamp to Aunt Franne Box 523 Stratford NJ 08084 40 pages, standard

Baby Sue
vol 5 #3
Many of the comics in this issue involve Jesus, that wayward son of God. There's also a comic about a famous fake lost pet head poster; a Blair Wilson comic with text by Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire; a guide to having friends; a comic about animals that decide to wear clothes. Web Page: http://www.babysue.com Email: babysue@babysue.com

$3 to Baby Sue Box 8989 Atlanta GA 30306-8989 32 pages, standard

The Baltimore Gay Bitch
Issue 1
+Rants about such subjects as Christmas, Baltimore gays, the Baltimore gay community center, closet cases, etc.

free to Scott 791 'J' Seawall Rd Baltimore MD 21221 2 pages, standard

Bamboo Girl
Issue 4
Bamboo Girl is one of the best zines currently being published. In a world filled with dull zines writing about the same bands all the time, this is one that actually has something to say. An interview with Loi Calo of Abrassive Relations, an all- girl punk band based in the Philippines; Sabrina relates a couple of hospital experiences; a piece about getting harasses on the street; news on Neo-Nazi fuckheads; a review of "Peeling the Banana," an Asian men's performance piece; Filipino history; the martial art Wing Chun, which was founded by a woman; a rant about the whole punker-than-thou thing; reviews and much more.

$2 to Sabrina Box 2828 NY NY 10185-2828 72 pages, half legal

Batteries Not Included
vol 3 #8
*A zine of writing about pornography (no pictures, by the way.) An article about acting in the movie "The People vs. Larry Flynt," complete with Courtney Love gossip; an interview with the editor of the zine; the Disneyfication of Times Square; more. Mostly straight porn is written about, but maybe that means you should be writing for them.

$3/$4 foreign to Richard Freeman 130 West Limestone St Yellow Springs OH 45387 12 pages, standard

Big Ad
A magazine of personal ads for fat men and guys seeking them. Also includes erotic fiction photos (not nude) a column on gaining weight, and an article addressing the question of why there's so much more writing by and about fat women than fat men.

$6 to Big Ad Box 14725 SF CA 94114-4725 60 pages, standard

The Big Cock Candy Mountain
Poetry by Trebor on the subject of sex. "Orgasm Poem" compares orgasms to punctuation marks; other poems include "I Sing the Dick Crooked" and "Boner Poem," which is about different sorts of boners.

$2 to Trebor Healey 324 Church St SF CA 94114 28 pages, digest

Issue 18
+Music gossip column; the Guerrila Girls; "You know you're an indie kid when..." comics; tips for zine writers with writers' block; a story about falling in love with another girl who's from Australia; an article about punk ethics; "Jigsaw Youth" piece by Kathleen Hanna; sexist comments from Ray Bradbury; the Redneck Store and some thoughts about free speech; an expose of a band called Tribe 13 which has racist lyrics; the American Family Association's threat to boycott Disney over its support of homosexuality; "Maybe," a story in progress about two queer couples; reviews and more. Courtney also has other zines such as "NKOTB 4EVA," about her years of being a New Kids fan. Email: courtney_bfield@prodigy. com

$1?/trade to Courtney 1780 Wrighttown Road Newton PA 18940 56 pages, digest

Black Sheets
Issue 9
*This is the Sex Work Issue, and it's a very extensive take on the subject. Just some of the contents: A poem about truth in advertising in sex ads; an articles about women giving and getting a sensual massages (yes, women pay for sex too); a woman writes about tricking with guys who are into playing daddy; Larry Livermore writes about being paid for sex by college professors; lap dancing; being a sperm donor; an essay about the question "Is there anything intrinsically degrading about sex work?"; reviews and more.

$6 N. America/$10 elsewhere to The Black Book Box 31155 SF CA 94131 68 pages, standard Age statement required.

Blowfish Catalog
January 1996
*A catalog of dildos, lube, books, magazines, videos, and other sex-related stuff. Web Page: http://www.blowfish.com/ Email: blowfish@blowfish.com

$1 to Blowfish Catalog 2261 Market St #284 SF CA 94114 16 pages, standard

Blue Blood
Issue 6
*This goth sex magazine includes erotic fiction by John Shirley, Nancy Collins, Thomas Roche, and Amelia G.; a comic by Tony Wood; several photo spreads, including a full-color tryst in the dressing room of Retail Slut and another full-color section of Duchess De Sade and Mistress Shadee with Dog Boy; music and video reviews.

$8 (plus postage?) to Blue Blood 2625 Piedmont Rd Suite 56-332 Atlanta GA 30324 76 pages, standard

Bobby Star Newsletter
Issue 2
Mostly-poetry publication, with many of the poems with queer subject matter. Plus some gratuitous nude male photos.

$1? to Bobby Star Newsletter Box 3756 Erie PA 16508 24 pages, standard

Boy's Own: The FTM Newsletter
Issue 19
*Boy's Own is a publication by and for female-to-male transsexuals. An article on hormones for the FTM; problems with being put on a women's ward at a hospital; legislative news; being treated second-class by families; medical resource listings. #20: A request from photographer Del Grace for FTMs to pose for portraits; transgender law and employment; women living as men in traditional Albanian culture.

2 IRCs/donation to FTM Network BM Network London WC1N 3XX 20 pages, Euro digest

Boys Who Wear Glasses
Issue 1
It seems like all music zines are about rock bands, but this one's an exception. This issue starts out with a big feature on the Boswell Sisters, a jazz vocal trio of the 1930s. I hadn't heard of them before, but I was intrigued enough by this article to seek out a CD of them. There's also a list of "Bands I Would Like to Live the Rest of My Life Never Having to Hear Again" such as the Doors and Jane's Addiction (I can only agree); music reviews of the likes of Ukulele Ike and Blossom Dearie.

$1 to Mark Hain Box 411 Bellefonte PA 16823 40 pages, digest

Brave New Tick
vol 4 #4
*Paul's daughter moves to California with her boyfriend; the need for time to think; a story about two football players who have sex in a locker room; a story in which a man ejects the demons that posess the homophobic; poetry; movie reviews. Web Page: http://www.ultranet.com/~tick Email: tick@ultranet.com

$1 to Graftographic Press Box 24 S Grafton MA 01560 22 pages, standard

Issue 13
A publication for longhaired gay men. Tips on staring a club, newsletter, or zine; erotic stories from readers; plus lots of ads and photos of members.

BROS Box 17931 Rochester NY 14617 40 pages, digest

Issue 1
+Mike named the zine "Brownies" after the mythic sprite-like creature, and also cause when he was a little fag cub scout he would've rather been a Brownie. Poems, including one about Calvin Klein; smoking and other oral fixations; coming out to mom; becoming a militant feminist; a rant about how homosexuality isn't a sin.

$1/trade to Michael O'Neil 231 Auth Ave Iselin NJ 08830 12 pages, digest

Bulk Male
vol 5 #5
Bulk Male features nude photos of fat men, and also includes erotic fiction and personal ads.

$7 to AfterImage Studios Box 300352 Denver CO 80203 64 pages, standard

The Burning Times
Issue 3 1/2-4
*#3 1/2 is mid-summa special" edition of this Australian queerzine, which includes a piece called "I Want to Fuck Henry Rollins"; an interview with the band Korn, who have a song called "Faget"; a rant about how the gay scene messes with people's self- esteem; reviews of queer bands. #4 is the "Identity" issue, and starts with an editorial about labels (gay, queer, etc.); a page from Will's "diary of a queer punk"; Michelle writes about being a transgendered person; band interviews with Tuff Muff and Mouthfull; articles on lesbian and gay films; censorship of student newspapers; comic about two girls who take dance lessons; Loki writes about being bi. Email: burntime@melbourne.net

$3 U.S. to Richard Watts Box 425 Clifton Hill VIC 3068 Australia 18b pages, Euro Standard

Caress Newsletter: For Writers of Erotica
Issue 14
A resource for writers of erotica, which lists places to get published, and also publishes reviews. Email: caress@pavilion.co.uk

$5 cash to The Write Solution Flat I Flat 1, 11 Holland Road Hove, East Sussex BN3 IJF UK 8 pages, standard

Checkout Time
Issue 1
+This is a diary of Lucy's big road trip from Boston to Austin Texas, with a major detour to visit the West coast. Lucy was accompanied on the trip by Josuˇ Menj’var of Broken Fender comics, and he contributes illustrations.

$3 to Lucy Friedland Box 3314 Austin TX 78764 60 pages, standard

The Cherotic Revolutionary
Issue 6
*This zine is edited by performance artist Frank Moore. A story about a guy who touches live electrical wires to his tongue; 848 Space, a place that hosts many sex-positive events; pen and ink sketches by Geiger; a rant about the open mike; nude photos of women; more. Web Page: http://users.lanminds.com/~fmoore Email: fmoore@lanminds.com

$5 to Frank Moore Box 11445 Berkeley CA 94712 32 pages, standard

Chrysalis: The Journal of Transgressive Gender Identities
vol 2 #3
*Poems by Riki Anne Wilchins about being rejected by male and female sex partners for being transsexual and about transgendered people who have been killed; transgender self- mutilation; Premarin, an estrogen replacement drug made inhumanely from the urine of pregnant mares, and alternatives to it; the myth of the heterosexual male crossdresser; Superman comes out to Lois Lane: he crossdresses as Clark Kent; in search of the "true" transsexual; being expelled from a transsexual support group for not being "committed enough to my gender change"; starting to cross-live. Also available is the newsletter AEGIS News, which in issue #7 has an article about transgender political involvement, including an interesting chart of the multi-million dollar funding of gay rights organizations. Email: aegis@mindspring.com

$9 to AEGIS Box 33724 Decatur GA 30033-0724 48 pages, standard

The Closet
Issue 3-4
+Poems about such topics as standing outside a gay bar and getting called gay on the bus; Barbie news -- Ken finally came out! #4 includes the poems "A dude came onto me" and "My time in the land of the straights." Email: zack05@aol.com

free to Brett Butler Box 272982 Boca Raton FL 33427 12 pages, half standard

Community Prescription Service InfoPack
vol 5 #1
CPS is a mail-order prescription service for people with HIV. This is a special Standards of Care issue. Contents include courses of treatment for HIV, Chinese medicine, preventing retinitis, and more.

free to CPS customers to Community Prescription Service InfoPack 349 West 12th Street NY NY 10014 20 pages, standard

Cross-Talk: The Transgender Community News & Information Monthly
*In addition to columns with news of the transgender community, this issue includes the crossdresser's guide to picking up chicks, an article on who's welcome in women's spaces, reviews of Stonewall and the Celluloid Closet, and more. Email: kymmer@xconn.com

$7 to Cross-Talk Box 944 Woodland Hills CA 91365 36 pages, standard

Crossroads: Supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth
vol 2 #3&4
A newsletter about queer youth from the American Friends Service Committe's Bridges Project. This issue includes an article about a young Black lesbian from South Africa; perspectives of an "Afrolesfemcentric" lesbian; an article by a Chinese immigrant teenager; reviews, political action news, and more. Email: BridgesPro@aol.com

$? to Crossroads 1501 Cherry St. Philadelphia PA 19102 20 pages, standard

De'Pressed Int'l
Issue 5
*"The Mag for Fucked Up Individuals with a Lot of Class." An essay on what is good writing, which pits Shakespeare against Danille Steele; high heeled shoes; much poetry; drag of the month RuPaul; music and zine reviews; photos of dogs.

$2 to De'Pressed Int'l Box 312806, Penobscot Sta Detroit MI 48231-2806 28 pages, digest

Dick/Brain News:for men with both
spring 96
A letter from Scott O'Hara about the demise of Steam -- subscribers to Steam are being sent this newsletter; an article on "nice sex"; reports on sex clubs in the LA area; gay resistance to the Republican convention in San Diego. Email: oboys123@aol.com

Dick/Brain News PO Box 29879d LA CA 90029 8 pages, standard

A Different Drummer Guide
Issue 2.3
"New York's Sexual Alternatives Newsletter" In addition to listings of activist alerts, boycotts, special events, bisexual groups, animal rights events, and more, there are four pages of pictures of protest signs from the Anti-Pope rally.

$2 to J. Hohl c/o Drum Subs POB 88 NY NY 10108 14 pages, standard

vol 2 #2
*Dirty is a magazine of true sex stories. This issue includes bondage photos by Rick Castro. Also available is E-Dirty #2, on a Macintosh disk, for $12. Web Page: http://www.dirty.com/ Email: riotboyyy@aol.com

$3.75 to Chris Leslie Box 1697, Peter Stuyvesant Station NY NY 10009 72 pages, digest Age statement required.

Diseased Pariah News
Issue 10
A new issue of DPN is always a cause for celebration. This issue features a cover picture of Jesse Helms with a bunch of cigarettes stuck in his ass, and there's an essay which compares Jesse's anti-People with AIDS stance to his support of the death- dealing tobacco industry; a guide to what to do after you're dead; a love letter to Newt; how to be a well-fed welfare queen; that "gay" fruit fly study; nude centerfold guy photos; opportunistic infection merit badges; a piece about visiting a VD clinic in the pre-AIDS days; diary entries from two guys who had unsafe sex with each other, each "sure" without asking that the other guy's HIV status was the same as his own; porn potato reviews porno; a recipe for rectal tarts; an ad for the KS Ken doll. Email: dpnmail@netcom.com

$3 to DPN c/o Men's Support Center Box 30564 Oakland CA 94604 40 pages, half legal

Domestic Bliss
Issue 1
This zine is a combination of a personal-zine and stuff about AIDS activism, and the overlap between the two. Contents include a piece about Barry's first queer sex experiences; an ACT UP demonstration on Giuliani's first day as mayor of New York; a piece on writer Eileen Myles; a piece about fellow activist Aldyn McKean; a story about a woman who's dating Jean Claude Van Damme and feels undeserving; an interview with Claudia Von Vacano; childhood photos of Barry and his sister Liz; an account of putting a banner reading "AIDS Hall of Shame" on City Hall; demonstrating against cuts in AIDS services; waiting in line to meet Morrissey.

$3 to Barry Paddock 47 East 3rd St #10 NY NY 10003 72 pages, standard

Issue 9
Cover picture and interview with drag movie star Jackie Beat; interviews with Holly Woodlawn, Mr. Dan and Paul V. of Dragstrip, Phylliss Dillis, and several other drag stars. There's also a feature about a drag beauty contest and lots of gossip.Even though Dragazine is glossy and has a color cover, it's content- packed, with only 2 1/2 pages of ads.

$5.95 (add $2 outside US and Canada) to Dragazine Box 461795 West Hollywood CA 90046 48 pages, standard

Issue 16
*About half this issue is contemporary writing (much of it gathered from the queer study electronic mailing list) about such topics as being attracted to older dykes and coming out in the goth community; the other half is taken from historical sources such as an 18th century account of two women who had lived together as husband and wife, excerpts from 1001 Nights, the Bible, and other sources.

2 stamps to Donny Smith Box 411 Bellefonte PA 16823 52 pages, digest Free to prisoners.

Dyke Tyke
Issue 1
This is "a zine for gay girls -- and the boys who love them." It's done by a boy who digs queer girls. There's extensive collages of pictures of lesbians used as backgrounds to the text, which is about topics such as watching tough jock babs like the all-grrrl yacht racing crew; some great fake obscene bible passages; "lesbian" imagery in mainstream male porn from the early 70's on; Karen of Bi Girl World writes about being a teenage fag hag.

$4 to Rich 100 Day St #1, Boston MA 02130-1105 58 pages, standard Age statement required.

May 1996
+Not a queer zine, but worth noting for the article on Portland dyke band Third Sex. Email: xmag@e-volve.com

$3 to Elixer Box 3273 Eugene OR 97403 52 pages, standard

+This is from the makers of the zine Eidophusikon. A gossip column; high school love stories; Lollapalooza 96; Are you a Bitch quiz; tricking fashion victims into wearing white leather jackets to protest black-jacket conformity; confessions of a fag hag; a mid-80s diary of a closeted drama fag; a trip to gay pride weekend in Chicago; horoscopes for teens.

$3 to Epicentre Box 3417 Hollywood CA 90078 26 pages, standard

Eros Publishing
+Eros, who made the now sold-out Doomed Rabbit cookbook, publish a series of cards with art images such as a man riding a bear, and a print of Hercules being raped by a bull.

SASE to Eros Publishing 1202 East Pike St #656 Seattle WA 98122-3934 2 pages, standard

Issue 2
+An interview with the owners of a now-defunct coffee shop called Socco; ferret care; having no money and class issues; feminist queercore band The Meat Newtons (great story of how they met -- Karen was being harassed by jocks while working at Popeyes, they assaulted her, Lint distracted them, and Karen threw hot grease on them); Dolorez Fuertez photo-comics by Ivan, who photographs himself in drag for them; Meat Newtons tour diary; phony environmentalism; Web Page: http://pixels.filmtv.ucla.edu/community/elina_shatkin Email: elinax@ucla.edu

$1/trade to Elina Box 25013 LA CA 90025 40 pages, digest

Issue 13
REB broke up with his boyfriend Collin, and this personal- zine explores his feelings about their relationship. This isn't some nasty get-even kind of thing -- just the opposite, with REB taking about all of Collin's virtues. There's a section of advice for Collin's future boyfriends and girlfriends about Collin's likes and dislikes so they can keep him happy; lists of things they have and haven't gotten to do together; and a list of reasons why they broke up. And there's a full-color cover and center spread of photos of REB and Colin.

$5 to Fanorama Suite 241, 500 Waterman Ave East Providence RI 02914 56 pages, half legal Free to prisoners.

Fat Girl: A Zine for Fat Dykes and the Women Who Want Them
Issue 6
*The War on Fat workshop at the Dirtybird Queercore Festival; article on bisexuality and fat by Charlotte Cooper; sports survey; photos, prose, resources, and more. Web Page: http://www.fatso.com/fatgirl Email: selene@sirius.com

$5 to Fat Girl 2215-R Market St. Box 193 SF CA 94114 72 pages, standard Age statement required.

Issue 33
*The issue is devoted to the Red House Painters. In includes questions Carol would have asked Mark Kozalek if there had been time for an interview, and a review of a RHP show.

stamps to Feedback 619 N. Magnolia Lansing MI 48912 9 pages, standard

Fembot presents Jam while you Cram
Issue 8
This is the issue where Gary reveals all about his sordid history as a closet case frat boy. Pictures of a beer-soaked frat party; group photo of Gary's frat, with the rapists, faggots, and fascists marked; the script of a documentary about a fake new wave band; a letter from Gary's frat "little sister."

$1 to Fembot presents Jam while you Cram Box 421912 SF CA 94142-1912 20 pages, digest

Femme Flicke
Issue 5
Unlike most film zines, which are pretty boy-oriented, this is a "grrls on film" zine. This issue features an interview with G.B. Jones, director of the Yo-yo Gang. There's an article on documentaries about riot grrrl; an interview with Mary Timony of Helium; the Big Miss Moviola video compilation project; an article on women screenwriters; a list of women directors; reviews of zines, films, and, of course, soundtracks.

$2 to Tina Spangler 99 Hancock St. #4 Cambridge MA 02139- 2226 40 pages, digest

The Femme Skunk
Issue 1
+This zine is by Eve of Picklejar. It's the Salome's Sister issue. A history of Eve's school experiences; a story called "This Southern City"; a memoir about having three personalities; the kid's lib guerrillas; a first kiss with another girl; "The antivirtue disseration," a piece about being impure; a piece about a girl named i.d.lilah.

stamps to The Femme Skunk Box 9785 Washington DC 20016 20 pages, digest

Foot Scene
Issue 3
This is a zine for guys who are into guys' feet. The favored pose seems to be with a guy sitting with the bottoms of his feet sticking out at the camera. In addition to the porn stories and photos, there's a big section of personal ads, which include photos, sometimes just of the advertizer's feet, but I guess that's the most important part. The publishers also do kink videos on a variety of subjects, including feet. Email: nfn@netcom.com

$10 to NFN Enterprises PO Box 150790 Brooklyn NY 11215- 0790 64 pages, standard

Freaky Power!
Issue 1
This is an English-language queer zine from the Netherlands with a neat fold-out format. Plans for an info-cafe called Queers in Space; thoughts about what it means to be queer in a collapsing world; history stuff about queers and socialism; the sexuality conspiracy, in which the majority have been convinced the purpose of sex is to produce children; some anarchist street theatre ideas; thoughts on outing.

$1 cash to Freaky Power! PB 1569 Amsterdam 1000BN Netherlands 28 pages, Euro digest

Issue 3.1
Interviews with Hakim Bey and Camille Paglia; an article on turn of the century photographer of nude boys Guglielmo Pluschow; painter/photographer Thomas Eakins; a memory of going to Philadelphia to audition as a flute player at age 16, and meeting a man; more stories, and photos of youths. (make checks out to Zymurgy)

$7.95 to Gayme Box 15645, Kenmore Station Boston MA 02215 76 pages, standard

Generation Q
Issue 2
+The editor of this zine, Pedro, was interviewed in the most recent issue of Outpunk. He does a radio show on the Rutgers radio station also called Generation Q, Tuesdays from 8-9:30 on 88.7 FM. Upcoming area music events; interview with Moutfull, reprinted from Burning Times; queer web sites; events at the Pride Center of New Jersey; a note about traditional skinheads. Pedro also does a punk rock/skinhead zine called "Good For Nothing."

$1 to Pedro Angel Serrano Rutgers Student Center, Suite 425, 126 College Avenue New Brunswick NJ 08903 20 pages, digest

Girl Cult:Girlkulturzine
Issue 3
+A story about a woman masturbating with an "eroto-response dildo"; Chosen Family comic; news of the demise of On Our Backs; aimless streetwalking diary; poetry.

Joannie 48 Craig St. London N6C 1E8 Canada 36 pages, digest

Issue 6
It's been a while since the last issue, but Girlfrenzy is always worth the wait--it's packed with comics by women and articles and information about getting hold of comics. This is the "family" theme issue. The comics include Rachel House's tongue-in- cheek "Sisterhood is Powerful"; a comic by Christina Lamb about her dead sister; a Lee Kennedy comic about getting hit as a child; a comic by Sarit about how she helped her friend get artificially inseminated; a Roberta Gregory strip about talking to mom on the phone. The prose pieces include an article on the Lesbian Avengers; an interview with stick figure cartoonist Annie Lawson; a report on British Queercore; an interview with cartoonist Jeremy Dennis; Charlotte Cooper writes about her family; an interview with the band SexLoveBusterBaby; a piece about having an abortion; an interview with Cool Cheese, who does a comic which features the Guest List Girls; Erica writes about how it's not likely she'll have children; a piece about tattoos.

$4/1.80 pounds to Erica Smith Box 148 Hove, East Sussex BN3 3DQ UK 36 pages, Euro Standard

Issue 15
Girljock's TKO awards to stuff that challenges sterotypes of women; a test to see if you're stuck up; a Nike-sponsored women's soccer league; Tracey Ullman's comedy sketch about lesbian golfers; using heart-rate monitors for bicycle training; solo backpacking; getting past burnout; pick-up lines and ant-pick-up lines, plus how to be friendly; women swimmin'; a cynical guide to personal ads. Web Page: http://www.tezcat.com/~ksbrooks/Gj/Gj-front.html Email: girljock1@aol.com

$5 to Girljock Box 882723 SF CA 94118-2723 44 pages, comic book

Girl Luv
Issue 1
A new zine from the publisher of Femcore. Poetry on various topics, like dressing up as a punk for halloween as a kid; rad girls wrestle; a list of vexing things; male homosexuality in Japanese girls' manga; excerpts from a book called "How to win girls and influence women"; a review of The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love; an "are you in the right bathroom" anecdote.

$2? to Olivia 3233 Juliet St Pittsburgh PA 15213 40 pages, digest

Girly: Transgender Zine
Issue 3
Mona gives a brief guide to New York; Pride finally adds the word "Transgendered" to its name; reviews of Joan Crawford's "Strait-Jacket", RuPaul's autobiography, and the book "Lesbians Talk Transgender"; condescending Tran road movies and real-life Tran travel; "Mr. Blackwell: bitchiest queen ever?"; boy-Mona writes about being mistaken for a woman while in boy clothes.

IRC to Mona 33 Romford Rd, Stratford London E15 4LY UK 2 pages, Irregular

Issue 1
+A queer comic for gays that don't fit -- guys who like live bands and other non-mainstream stuff. Simon and his friend Joel go to see a band. Simon is trying to fend off the advances of a guy named Marty, and meanwhile despairs of ever meeting a guy he likes.

$3 to Timothy Piotrowski 4907 N. Glenwood 3A Chicago IL 60640 20 pages, digest

Graveyard Love: The story of sex & slavery in prison
Issue 1
This is part of what will eventually become a book about sex in prison. The term "Graveyard Love" is slang for a sex-love relationship that goes bad and ends up literally in the graveyard. The author notes that prisoners don't want to talk about it, but people on the outside seem to be very interested in prison sex. Now, this publication isn't going to titilate anyone looking for porno, since it's a factual exploration of the incidence of prison sex, at least in the section published in this issue of the newsletter. But it is a subject that's been little discussed -- Dean reports finding only two books on the subject.

R. Dean Omar 233 Home Ave Mansfield OH 44902 16 pages, standard

Grievous Angel
*Another zine of drawings and stories by the creator of "Tattoed Love Boys." The stories include a surreal one about a boy who is dead, but still walks around; a cat is diagnosed with feline AIDS; memories of a friend who died; a story about a Madonna-obsessed friend who can't seem to get on with his life. The drawings are of guys lounging in front of frames whose centers are empty blackness (there's also a hilarious cartoon featuring Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas.) Web Page: http://www.earthlink.net/~cbardcole Email: cbardcole@earthlink.net

$3 to C. Bard Cole 533 E 5th St #1 NY NY 10009 40 pages, half legal

Growing Pains
Issue 1
+Growing up and class issues; being from the south and having/losing an accent; New Years Resolutions; Erika Reinstein on what she thinks about the name "riot grrrl"; confronting other middle-class white people about sexism and classism; feeling alienated about not having any friends in queer relationships; annoying stuff like coming out to a guy, and then he points out girls he thinks are cute and lives out his girl on girl sex fantasy. Also available is Girl Scene City, which lists zine addresses.

$1+2 stamps/trade to Sarah Kennedy PO Box 1495 Portland OR 97207-1495 32 pages, digest

A piece that starts out "I love scabs from a man who break it off, lets you eat it"; a rant about parents who use their kids as an excuse for their problems; letters from Jeff's school calling him "learning disabled"; comic about a bike-riding mouse who kills Nazi mice.

$1 to Jeff Junker 72 Sarah Ln Middletown NY 10940 20 pages, standard

Happy Fag
Issue 2
Scooter gives advice on how to be a happy fag; a getaway to Ocean Resort; a same-gender version of Aaron Cometbus' "Punk Rock Love"; email from bigots on the net; secrets to long-term relationships; tongue piercing; Scooter's daughter's english paper "My Dad the Fag"; zine reviews. Web Page: http://psweb.com/scooter Email: scooter@psweb.com

$3 to Scooter 323 Broadway East #902 Seattle WA 98102 28 pages, half legal

Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review
vol 3 #2
This well-written (what did you expect?) publication mainly focuses on the written word (i.e. books), though there's a bit of a digression into the life of Rock Hudson. This issue includes an interview with Camille Paglia, and an article on party politics by Barney Frank. Email: hglr@aol.com

$5 to Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Box 180722 Boston MA 02118 58 pages, standard

Issue 2
This is the "Hell Bound Sexpots" issue. Contents include a piece about bisexuality, with a refutation of the statement "there are no bisexual acts nor bisexual desires, only bisexual histories"; an interview with sex writer Carol Queen; magazine reviews, and more.

$2 to HBS Box 11589 Detroit MI 48211 22 pages, standard

I'm Over Being Dead
Issue 1
A one-off chapbook of poetry and drawings from the creator of Flaming Jewboy. Contents include a long poem inspired by Frank O'Hara about fantasizing about going cruising in a yellow raincoat slit up the back; the closing of Fayva shoe outlets; an ode to PVC; a poem about wanting to be a daddy's boy; a poem called "I want an AIDS dick cumming in my ass."

$3 to Abraham Katzman Box 20656 Seattle WA 98102 28 pages, standard

I'm So Fucking Beautiful
Issue 3
+I'm So Fucking Beautiful manifesto; a warning against lumping fat oppression (society's oppression of fat people) and body image problems (self-image stuff) together; Nomy writes about internalized shame about "laziness" and the intersection of fat and her disability (not having two whole legs); Chris Ohnesorge on accessibility; Hollie writes about stretch marks; mind/body separation; an exchange of letters between Tony and Nomi about nutrition; a letter by Becca to cute skinny friends about how they seem to have a much easier time meeting and getting noticed by people than she does; Keyan writes about being a fat male, and wanting to lose weight; the equating of health and skinniness in the punk scene; a great article by Nomy about the history of scientific management, consumer society, and fat oppression; a conversation about working in the sex industry; more. Also available is "Letters to Celebrities."

$2 to Nomy Lamm 120 State NE #1510 Olympia WA 98501 64 pages, digest

Ibelle:the magazine for lesbians and bisexual women
vol 2 #5
The winning story of Ibelle's literary contest, "The Femme's Revenge"; 10 ways of letting your ex-girlfriend know you are happier without her; a Lori Petty retrospective; a visit to Massachusetts; poetry, crosswords, and more.

$3? to Ibelle 2714 Quarry Road NW #102 Washington DC 20009 48 pages, standard

Issue 2-3
+Queer paganism Vs. Postmodernism. Interview with Leesha Meier of the proto-Marxist Feminist band Silicon Solution; reprint of an article about a hoax perpetrated on a post-modernist magazine; a manifesto about doing stuff NOW; an appeal to Exxon for advertising; collages with pictures of Hindu deities. The theme of #3 is "The Dead." Contents include a political platform, a list of favorite dead people and their works; making ghee; Egyptian embalming at home; directions for a funeral.

$1 or your firstborn to Infantile 16 Keystone Ave. Toronto On M4C 1H1 Canada 24 pages, half legal

Issue 4
This is published by BGLAD4Youth, a bisexual, gay and lesbian youth group in New Haven. Contents include an action alert about the right wing; the online service for queer youth, OutProud; a guy with a queer radio show in New Jersey reviews music; kissing another girl for the first time.

$1 to BGLAD4YOUTH c/o APNH Box 636 New Haven CT 06503 4 pages, standard

Issue 4
*Danny writes about being arrested for jumping a turnstile; June is gay ghetto month in the mainstream press; Molly Kiely comic about testifying at the Answer Me trial; on-line same sex marriage resources; censorship and libel on the net; world wide web 101; a web-based diary by a really self-centered gay man inspires a parody; confronting internet hype; a report on a grocery store with an animatronic vegetable display. Web Page: http://www.inquisitor.com/ Email: inquisitor@echonyc.com

$5 to Inquisitor Planetarium Station Box 132 NY NY 10024 48 pages, standard

I Was the Pusher's Plaything (Thanks to Wendy's Mom)
+A cute little artists book. It comes in a glassine slipcover, with glassine cover, it's spiral bound, and the insides are color xerox collages of photos and found text. "Jerry and Marty are hung. David and Phil are not."

$5 to topher sinkinson 2086 NW Kearney #7 Portland OR 97209 24 pages, Mini

Issue 1
+Band interview with Sheer Terror; a story about a woman who had a date with a guy who turned out not to be any fun; the highlight of the issue is the interview with Dr. Ducky DooLittle, who gets asked questions like "what would you have your houseboy wear" and "tell us about your nipple study."

Miss Hell Box 155, Cooper Station New York NY 10276 24 pages, standard

Jailhouse Turn Out
Issue 1
*A new zine from Tammy Rae who used to do "I (heart) Amy Carter." It has a manifesto about being out in public; a piece about Portia, who died of an AIDS-related illness; articles about abuse between women; Jeffery Kennedy writes about being a gay man with a lesbian sister, and how their family deals with them; pages on Aileen Wournos; an article about depression medication; excerpts from old books about lesbians in prison; learning to communicate with girlfrinds; Kaia writes about the Michigan Women's Music Festival, specifically the concept of "The Land." Email: tcarland@depauw.edu

$3/no trades to JTO/Tammy R Carland 509 Anderson St. #4 Greencastle IN 46135-1728 40 pages, digest

James White Review: A Gay Men's Literary Quarterly
*The art in this issue is by Mexican artists, and there's an article about Lesbian/Gay Cultural Week at a museum in Mexico City. Poetry in this issue include "Whitman in Vietnam." There's a piece by the late Essex Hemphill called "The other invisible man," an interview with Allen Ginsberg, and more.

$4/$5 Canada to Box 3356 Traffic Station Mpls MN 55403 24 pages, tabloid

Issue 2
+10 things men can do to fight sexism; Spitboy interview; a travel story; an encounter at a party with a vocally homophobic woman.

$1 to Martha Box 2817 Gaithersburg MD 20886 32 pages, half legal

Issue 11
Free To Fight gives Mad Am courage to stand up to harassers; a piece about underwear; a report on a women's rally; an article about how men frequently cross-dress on comedy shows, but women don't because it's seen as threatening, not funny; a quiz on crushes; a really compelling report on the Clothesline Project, in which women write on shirts about the abuse they're recovering from.

2 stamps/trade to God S. 5106 Albemarle St. Wash DC 20016 28 pages, digest

Issue 1
*Sara, the editor, used collaborate on "Out of the Vortex." Thoughts about that feeling of having nothing to write about; being pressured into having sex by other girls; writing about class issues; the dissolving of riot grrrl dc; queer characters on tv shows.

$1 to Sara Box 203258 New Haven CT 06520 40 pages, Mini

The Lady O Society
Issue 7
A newsletter for submissive ladies and dominant gentlemen. There's a note from the editor, Deborah, about censorship and repression in Britain; a piece about corset training; the question of how one becomes a master; contacts ads and a list of publications and organizations.

2 IRCs or $1 cash to The Lady O Society BCM 3406 London WC1N 3XX England 10 pages, Euro Standard

Leather Pride
vol 3 #8
*A Leather community newsletter for the Pacific Northwest, with information about events in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Leather Pride 1202 E Pike St, Suite 707 Seattle WA 98122 16 pages, standard

Lezzie Smut
Issue 7
This is the genderfuck issue of Lezzie Smut. Jude Zutz writes about her herstory as an S/M dyke; responses to a questionaire about gender; a new questionaire about sex toys; Mettle F/X, an art group which use metal and the flesh of live models; a piece about being a fat bearded feminist bisexual queer blossoming slut; Toby writes about being a post-feminist transsexual lesbian with a fat girlfriend, illustrated with photos of her with her girlfriend Kate; a report on incidents of censorship across the Canadian border; plus several pieces of erotic writing and photo sections.

$7 to Robin Hand Box 364-1027 Davie St. Vancouver BC V6E 4L2 Canada 60 pages, standard

Issue 17
An article about getting arrested in San Francisco at a demonstration; a really good piece about Jenna's experiences in the loony bin; an open letter to culture asking why she wasn't told it was o.k. to like girls; a cross-dressed protest against the pro-life "Chain of Life"; a high-school dress code; a bunch of ideas for political projects.

$1/trade to Jenna Delorey PO Box 1266 Venice FL 34284-1266 52 pages, digest

Lil' Hustler
Issue 1
This mini-zine is an interesting mix of queer stuff and mail art inside a tissue paper and gold foil cover. A little story about getting cornholed for an inititation rite; stuff about the late mail artist Ray Johnston, such as an anecdote about Jack Smith; a report on adult bookstores in Raleigh; an interview with a hustler; a dream about Mark Robinson of Unrest.

$1 to Lil' Hustler PO Box 11521 Raleigh NC 27604 40 pages, Mini

Liliane comix
Issue 30-31
issue 30 is about her cat Butler, whom she had to leave behind when she spent a year in England. It's a very emotional story, and if you love cats, you must read it. It's a double issue, 36 pages, so it's $3 instead of the usual price. And on a totally different note, in issue 31, Lilliane takes a job at a French-language phone sex company. There's a big glossary of the French terms she uses, some of which won't be found in any dictionary.

$1.50 (no U.S. change, please!) to Leanne Franson C.P. 274, Succ Place du Parc Montreal PQ H2W 2N8 Canada 16 pages, digest

Lovely Prudence
Issue 2
*In this issue of this comic book, Prudence goes to a slumber party; meanwhile, aliens are convinced that Prudence is one of them (after all, she does look like a bug-eyed monster.) There are also Prudence stories drawn by other artists, and an amazing Durer-like Godzilla centerfold.

$3 to All the Rage Comics Box 721, Times Square Station NY NY 10108 38 pages, comic book

Madamesoille Menstruelle
Issue 2
+This is issue 2 of the Daughters of Houdini Medical zine. It's full of drawings and comics about menstuation, such as the comic "War is Menstrual Envy."

$1 to Daughters Box 40291 San Francisco CA 94140 24 pages, half legal

Issue 3
+A letter to the editor of New York Magazine about a bad "women in rock" article; a crush on a girl; spy-core; my body/myself; not knowing how to act around cats; dealing with endings, like the end of school; Team Dresch live review; review of the book "White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness." Email: sjaffe@wesleyan.edu

$1/stamps/trade to Manifixation 1123 Magnolia Rd Teaneck NJ 07666 20 pages, half legal

Master Bitch: three butt stories
Three stories by Bertie Marshall, who told his story about catching crabs from Nancy Spungen in Holy Titclamps #15. "My Black Fuck" is about having sex with a Black man name Philipee in Amsterdam; "Between Turds" is about sitting on the toilet reading a bad gay novel and re-writing it. "Luciano Postcard" is about Luciano's doings in Rio.

$4/£2 in the UK to Bertie Marshall 8B Sussex Heights St. Margarets Place Brighton, E Sussex BNL 2FQ UK 24 pages, Euro Standard

Muffmonsters on Prozac
Issue 1
+Wanting to live on Sesame St.; a comic about shite TV and wanting have your own channel; a psychological profile of "mad cow" Camille Paglia; comic about some animals looking for a lost dental dam; theory-speak writing about "I"; gays being sucked into consumerism and being grateful about being in advertisements; a double standard in which violent women are seen as especially evil; a queer ABC; what not to say at a mixed party; unsung hero #1: Lisa Simpson; the myth of the normal family; Dear Anti-Agony pages; the Muffmonsters soundtrack; being a Libra. Email: weedbus@revelations.co.uk

$2 to Ruth Box 44 Belfast BT 1 N. Ireland 20 pages, Euro Standard

No Sexual Surrender: Rejecting our sex driven Culture
Issue 1
+The popularity of sex-oriented areas on-line; an article on politicians' use of anti-gay postitions and the defense of marriage act to get votes; addresses of the Christian Coalition and other right-wing groups; homosexuality as the solution to overpopulation; a piece about rejecting sex in favor of love.

stamps/trade to Andrew Advent 2069 Durham Rd New Hope PA 18938 28 pages, Mini

One Mint Julep
Issue 2
+Hugh from Picklejar is now doing his own zine. He writes about re-visiting his old neighborhood on a bike and thinks about the past; getting dismissed as P.C.; Hugh writes about being bi; a piece about DIY; a poem that starts "I am a hip white liberal"; thoughts about the "combatting homophobia in high school" workshops Hugh does; noticing not seeing boy couples dancing; zine and music reviews.

50 cents to One Mint Julep Box 9785, Friendship Stn. Washington DC 20016 20 pages, digest

Issue 5
Tribe 8 appears on rapper Luke Skywalker's TV show; Joan Jett Blakk; Donna Dresch; British queercore band Mouthfull; a big, essential essay on what's wrong with punk rock; a piece by an HIV+ skinhead; more. Web Page: http://www.jett.com/outpunk/outpunk.html Email: outpunk@sirius.com

$2 to Outpunk Box 170501 SF CA 94117 64 pages, standard

Out Youth Magazine
+This is a publication of the Youth Enrichment Servies of the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center in New York. Send a statement if you are under 21 and you can get a free copy.

Out Youth Magazine 208 West 13th St Ny NY 10011

Parterre Box: The Queer Opera Zine
This is a really great, knowledgeable zine -- I just wonder if it has much chance of reaching an appreciative audience. So please, please if you know opera fans who don't normally read zines, tell them about Parterre Box. This issue includes a collection of random thgouths during the Levine Gala; worst- dressed singers at the Gala; a review of La Gran Scena Opera Co's "greatest hits" evening; Norma at the Houston Opera; the meaning of Maria Callas to gay men. The most recent issue, #21, includes a review of Patti LuPone in the Callas play "Master Class"; simple rules for stage directors; Salome's incestuous family tree; a funny quiz with the Texaco Opera Queers, and more. Web page: http://www.anaserve.com/~parterre

$2 +SASE to James Jorden 174 West 76th St Apt 12-G NY NY 10023 32 pages, digest

Passion Brigade
Issue 11
Formerly known as the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Movement; the new name encompasses the diversity of the group's sexuality. Articles include "The Anarchist Objection to the Revolution"; Fat Lesbian Action Brigade manifesto; the mainstreaming of the Pride festival; anarchists, gay sex, and S&M; someone accuses a lesbian of obtaining sex "in the sewer"; a man without his mouse on Hampstead Heath; drawings and writing by Chuck Dodson; the gay sex ed book "Safer Sexy".

$2 cash/40p to Passion Brigade BM Box 207 London WC1N 3XX UK 20 pages, Euro digest

Issue 6
Joining a university study on the effects of alcohol; having to take a dump badly during a Kurt Vonnegut talk, and an interview with the writer of the piece; research on who exactly eats sardines; how to be a loathed condom store customer.

$2 cash to Sarah-Katherine 6201 15th Ave NW #P-549 Seattle WA 98107 40 pages, digest

Penetrated Pork
Issue 1
+This is a zine about AIDS and facing what's real. Jean-Paul works for an AIDS service organization (he says when he leaves the job, he'll miss it, but not his employer.) A list of rights of the dying; symptoms of approaching death; a piece of writing by someone participating in an AIDS vaccine study; those wacky religious right people; suggestions for living; a comic by Carrie about the manager of her apartment who died of AIDS; Ma Luv writes about her uncle Gonzalo.

$2? to Jean-Paul Page Po Box 1394 Birmingham AL 35201

Phelp's Battalion
+What I'm looking at is a series of one-page flyers. Most of them are titled "Queers of Vaudeville," (such as drag kings, female impersonators, vamps, and others) but there's also "Queers of WWII." So anyway, there's a zine which compiles these various queer historical things. I haven't seen the full zine, but I'm looking forward to it.

$3 or equivalent to Phelp's Battalion 120 State Ave NE #109 Olympia WA 98501

Issue 24
*Eve and Hugh do this zine together, but in the future they're going off to different colleges and will be doing their own zines, "The Femme Skunk" and "One Mint Julep," respectively. Dealing with people's stereotypes about Southerners; Alec/Nadya writes about telling people her dad was a Syrian terrorist; a story about some kids in a band (there's more to it than that, but it's hard to summarize); going to a prom; a comic about a mom.

free (send stamps) to Eve & Hugh Box 9785, Friendship Stn. Washington DC 20016 22 pages, standard

Pink Noise
Issue 5
This is a publication about politics and queers, and it's been a while since I've seen a queer publication with so much political information. In this issue, the Ralph Nader Campaign finally responds on the subject of Nader's quote that he is "not interested in gonadal politics"; an article on South Africa extending protection to queers; book reviews, letters, and more.

$1 to Pink Noise Box 57370 Washington DC 20036 6 pages, standard

Issue 7
*The major hassles of putting on a queer punk benefit night for a youth charity; Chrisitanity found to be genetic; getting charged a different price for not wearing drag; British/American English language quiz (do you know what candy floss is?); a rant about Club Vaseline, and a lame response; a conversation with queer japanese punk boy Satoshi; a response to Matt Wobensmith's piece on MR&R from Outpunk; interview with the Japanese band Crispy Nuts; a piece on group identification in the punk scene. Email: 106131.2370@compuserve.com

$4 to PMS/Rik 51-55 Waterloo Rd London SE1 8TX England 52 pages, standard

Pucker Up
Issue 1
A new erotica magazine with stories on topics like a guy whose girlfriend ties him up and buttfucks him, a fag and a dyke who pick up a straight girl amd have a three-way, and other kinky topics. Plus a conversation about body modification, and photos by Richard Kern and others. Email: BlkdogNY@aol.com

$5 to Pucker Up Box 4108 Grand Central Station NY NY 10163 64 pages, standard

Issue 2
A dog that used to eat rocks and dirt; OJ Simpson and the plight of battered women; a book about a dog that designs books that comes with dog clip art; spoof names of talk show hosts; accounts of hideous relationships that women had with men; a letter from a guy who hates his job; a visit to Boise, Idaho's gay/lesbian march; the coolness of Gumby; rescuing (i.e. buying) a dog from a pet store, even though pet stores are evil; a cat catches a varmint. Email: lainerd@aol.com

$2 to Elaine Box 510 Southwick MA 01077 20 pages, digest

Quarter Inch Squares
Issue 4
*The Barbie Manipulation Issue, with people's stories about what they did to their Barbies -- like playing serial killer by ripping off the arms and legs and hiding them in different places. There's a comic about getting one of those big Barbie heads; Barbies we would like to see, like Rebbe Barbie; a science museum offers a class in mummifying Barbies; an article on depression and anti-depressants; a "Barbie Noir" story.

$2 to Quarter Inch Squares Box 80606 Mpls MN 55408-8606 32 pages, digest

Queer Action Figures
*A series of collages of images and words, some from found sources like bad old books about homosexuality. Also available is Sissy Boy (#3). "Our elbows touched and I'm sure he likes me. Maybe he's shy, too?" "Are you depriving yourself of this unusual excitement?"

$1 to Charlie 151 1st Ave #82 NY NY 10003 24 pages, Mini

Queer Zine
Issue 2
An article on queercore music; the story of Fast Eddie, a man who payed guys for their underwear; a comic about two queer Tasmanian animals who get busted for sodomy; an interview with a queer member of the band Nicoteen; interview with the band the Mavis's; a surreal comic about the day William Burroughs came in for coffee; an article on women and Hep C; a sex fantasy story; angry poofter rant. Email: zinecity@zip.com.au

$2.50+IRC to Queer Zine PO Box 199 Newtown 2042 Australia 48 pages, digest

Issue 25
*An Italian queer magazine, with some articles in English. Snow White's mother talks about how gay images leave out real faces and concentrate on superhunks; reasons for coming out; an interview with Quir's American editor; interview with queer Klezmer band the Klezmetics.

$4? to Quir Via del Leone, 5/11 r Fierenze 50124 Italy 36 pages, digest

Rainbow Writes
Issue 2
The main focus of this publication is personal ads for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Ads are free for subscribers.

$2.35 to Rainbow Writes Box 667712 Charlotte NC 28266. 13 pages, standard Age statement required.

Rant & Rave
Issue 7
*A collection of dish, dirt and critique of queer culture, especially in the San Francisco area. Features David Faulk's super-sarcastic little comics.

$3 to Rant & Rave Box 14793 SF CA 94114 48 pages, digest Age statement required.

Red Hanky Panky
Issue 4
This is a comic zine which wryly discusses sexuality, particularly bisexuality. Two bi women have a conversation about having sex with bi women and lesbians; Bi's, Dykes and Fags; wondering if Female Harmony Tea will make misogynists nice; suffering the fanboys in a comic shop; bisexuals compete for the title of "best bisexual"; stupid gay men wait breathlessly for Kylie at Pride; reviving the work "gamahuche," which means cunnilingus; reprints of letters from men upset by the addition of "bisexual" to the name of Pride; much more.

$2?/£1/trade to Rachel House 23 Whateley Rd, East Dulwich London SE22 9DA UK 36 pages, Euro Standard

Remote Control
Remote Control is a short story by Doug Henderson in chapbook form about a guy who lives with his televangelist- watching mother and crazy brother. His brother keeps disappearing. And he develops an obsession about a punk rocker guy. Email: bcclark@igc.apc.org

$2.50 to Permeable Press 47 Noe St #4 SF CA 94114-1017 28 pages, digest

Issue 1
Edited by Evelyn McDonnel, this is a really great, well- designed music magazine. A diary from the Beijing U.N. World Conference on Women; a chapter from a novel by Lynn Breedlove of Tribe 8 and Anna Joy; Evelyn writes about wearing a chimp mask to her wedding; a conversation between Jean Smith of Mecca Normal and Slim Moon of Kill Rock Stars; a Nature Punk article by Nikki McClure; "Kebin Costner, You're All Wet!" by Lynn Breedlove; Tracie Morris reviews TV shows; a tampon taste-test; a punk's-eye view of music of the early part of this century; movie stuff; more.

$3 to Resister Box 1479 NY NY 10276-1479 52 pages, standard

RFD: A Country Journal For Queer Folk
Issue 87
* Subscriptions for prisoners and PWAs are $10. This is the "Relatively Free of Dicks" issue, and the other theme is drugs. The cover features startling full-color photoshopped tarot cards. How a gay guest-farm ran afoul of state regulations, but found a work-around; comic about a faerie circle where one of the people is freaked out by the foot massageing and kissing; cats inspire a prisoner to self-reliance; San Francisco's Cannabis Buyer's Club; magical uses of drugs; dropping acid; recovering from addiction; how gay men are being duped by the drug culture; contact letters.

$6.50 to RFD Box 68 Liberty TN 37095 84 pages, standard

Issue 5
+This zine consists of short prose pieces -- I guess I'd call them monologues more than rants, since some of them are written as though they were by different characters. A note to Kate Bush fans to lay off Tori Amos; a piece about mom; a piece from the point of view of a homophobe; a plea to be saved from homosexuality by Mr. Preacher man; trying to talk a straight guy into getting his cock sucked; going on a date with Smurfette; more.

$1? to Christopher Box 383 Bayport MN 55003 16 pages, digest

Issue 1
+A queer literary magazine (they say they are "queer in the broadest possible political terms, not just on the thin criteria of simple sexual orientation.) It includes much poetry and prose, and comics by various folks including Tony "Anonymous Boy" Arena.

$5 to Telling Moment Productions 2211 NE Halsey #3 Portland OR 97232 64 pages, half legal

Sappho's Scribblers
Issue 1-2
This is a zine of writing and art by lesbians. The first issue includes a story about a woman and her father and their discussions, several poems, and little drawings by Diane DiMassa. The second issue has an article about growing older; a story about a woman who has to explain a poster with the word "Dyke" to her father; a memory of kissing another girl in the third grade; cartoons about expectations about women's appearance; a woman notes that her ability to pass as a man has decreased from 97% since she started appearing on talk shows; a piece called "Inappropriate Sexual Fantasies"; an interview with a woman who was court martialed for being a lesbian.

$2 to Ilsa Jule Box 3463 NY NY 10185 36 pages, half legal

The Satin Shoe: a zine of mutual respect and freedom to be
Issue 3
Responses to a survey about the future of the world; helping the homeless; a suggestion to make this the Decade of Men, to examine and change the role of men; 19 things you DON'T say to a Transsexual; exploitation of women from the Pilippines; questions and answers about Anarchism. Pat has also done a reprint of Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto. I'd suggest sending a donation to cover printing and postage.

Pat Earl #20149-148 Box 1000, C-111 Lewisburg PA 17837 16 pages, digest

Issue 1
A music magazine which includes interviews with Tribe 8, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Lunachicks, and more. Nicely put together. Email: scrawlmag@aol.com

$2 to Scrawl Box 205 NY NY 10012 44 pages, standard

Shaved Anus
Issue 4
If a good queer rant is what you want, Shaved Anus delivers -- but not mindless rants, well-thought-out ones. Paul rants about the British music press' manufacture of the "Romo" movement; Paul admits his love for 12" dance singles and gives a vital playlist of HiNRG; Paul gives an (uncharacteristic) personal confession and tells off the nihilists; the hetero-run media filtering of "what's cool" which leads to queer culture contributions not getting exposure; a critique of the "new lad" movement.

$3 cash/70p to Paul 26 Belgrave St. Brighton BN2 2NS UK 40 pages, Euro digest

Speed Demon
Issue 8
*Italian-lanuage queer zine which includes an interview with the lesbian guitarist of Italian female band Mumble Rumble; Lesbian and Gay Turnin Film Festival; interview with gay singer Hlde of the the German band P.N.A.T.S.H.; interview with the editor of the zine EIDOS; Anonymous Boy interview; Seattle queer band Girl With 100 Heads; interview with queer poet Massimaliano Chiamenti; reviews and more.

$3 to Speed Demon Box 44/A P.ZA San Babila 4/D 20122 Milano Italy 44 pages, Euro Standard

Issue 1
The ambiguous eating utensil is claimed as a symbol of ambiguous gender in this zine filled with thoughtful, well-written essays. There's a long essay about gender revolution; a really horrific story about being harrassed in high school because of fooling around with another guy; a piece which observes that bi men are even less visible than bi women; how butchness is idealized by both lesbians and gay men; an article about animal rights.

$1 to Jeff Zick Box 18804 Washington DC 20009-8804 32 pages, digest

vol 4 #1
Spread, which is the size of a small newspaper, is somewhat reminiscent of Interview magazine. This issue includes interviews with Larry Clark of Kids, the singer Jewel, RuPaul, and Quentin Crisp, whom the editor treated to a showing of Kids, which Quentin hated. There's also a photo spread of truck stop culture.

$5 to Daniel Kusner 933 East 51st Street Austin TX 78751 32 pages, tabloid

Square Pegs
Issue 3
This is a queer youth zine from Santa Cruz. The objects of people's crushes; an interview with Brian Grillo of Extra Fancy; Michael Signorile interview; an interview with the Qtip collective; questions and answers about queerness; poetry, photos, fiction, comics, and resource listings. Web Page: http://arts.ucsc.edu/squarepegs/home.index.html

$1 to Equinox 903 Pacific Ave Suit 207a Santa Cruz CA 95060 36 pages, half legal

Issue 0
+Starlettre is a French gay and lesbian group. The text is in French, Spanish, and English. This sample issue includes reports on gay-related human rights incidents in various countries.

IRC to c/o MAB 37 rue Burdeau 69001 Lyon France 4 pages, digest

Steven's Comics
Issue 3
*Another collection of comics by David Kelly about a sweet, sensitive kid named Steven, this time with a full-color cover thanks to the Xeric Foundation. The stories are about stuff that happens to Steven at school with his friends, and dealing with family stuff like his mom's new boyfriend. Web Page: http://www.visi.com/~oprairie Email: DKPress@aol.com

$3 to David Kelly 1202 E. Pike St. #992 Seattle WA 98122- 3934 32 pages, half legal

Tantrum: Blow Yourself Up
Issue 4
It's been a long time since the last issue of Tantrum, but this one's worth the wait. David Hawkins writes about the erotic appeal of geeks; blow-up doll porno movies; a proposal to spend money on giving gifts to enemy countries, instead of wasting money on weapons of war; Jennifer Blowdryer reports from New York; a manifesto for night people; fiction by Danielle Willis; interview with Tribe 8; and the return of Mr. Larry, the extremely opinionated hairdresser.

$4/$5 cash foreign to Tantrum Box 6, 3288 21st St. SF CA 94110 40 pages, standard

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric
Issue 2
An article about growing up in a trailer park; a piece about having loved and lost; a rant about the art of conversation; a piece about insecurity; love vs. sex; elementary school valentines.

$1/trade+IRCs to Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric Box 1010 N Tazewell VA 24630 12 pages, digest

Issue 13
*TeenMom turns 13 (issues, that is), so naturally it's time for a Bar Mitzvah. The history of Whoopi Goldberg (you won't read the facts in this article anywhere else); voyeurism in the TeenMom community; Betsy Ross, our nation's first TeenMom; Jonathan Taylor Thomas' all-male Bar Mitzvah; 13 Bar Mitzvah boys to watch for, with their favorites, turn-ons, and turn-offs listed; how to score with a Bar Mitzvah boy; teen divorce; Dr. Henry Foster, C Everett Koop, and other members of the National Campaign to Promote Teen Pregnancy meet; half-naked photos of Olympic athletes from sports like leapfrog and jarts; a list of people early in their careers but already annoying, like Liv Tyler. Web Page: http://www.ingress.com/net-content/teenmom Email: teenmom@aol.com

$3 to TeenMom 2211 N Cahuenga #306 LA CA 90068 24 pages, standard

The Tidewater Times
June 96
This is the newsletter of the Tidewater Bears, a social club for bear-type men and their admirers. Most of this issue is taken up with a directory of Bear organizations.

$1.50 to The Tidewater Times Box 2241 Denbigh VA 23609- 0241 8 pages, standard

Ugly Boy
Issue 9
This is a queer personal zine, meaning it has personal diary-type writing, not that it has personal ads. Alvin writes about his boyfriend; a visit from his brother, who fortunately got along fine with Alvin's boyfriend; a rant about smoking; people respond to a survey about what's good music for during sex; comics about life with a boyfriend; going to a gay bookstore to buy porno mags.

$1+3 stamps to Alvin 1800 N 35th St. #5 Seattle WA 98103 40 pages, digest

Vaseline Zine
Issue 12
+Vaseline, the British Indie queer club has had to change its nameto Club V since this issue came out, so I don't know what the zine is called now. Comic by Rachel House wondering why if cunts are good we call bad people cunts; Mona of Girly zine interviewed about her band Six-Inch Killaz; review of Chumbawamba at the Freedom Cafe; gay films; a quiz: are you a tart or a jelly; the band Plastic Venus; a retrospective look at the Stone Roses; an interview with the people behind Club V (and an amusing centerfold picture of them in Trainspotting drag; reviews of the Swedish band Salt and Pansy Division; club reviews; 20th anniversary of Rough Trade; more. Check the web site for info on what's up with the club before your next trip to London. Web Page: http://www.compulink.co.uk/~rancid/vaseline.html Email: neilward@dircon.co.uk or mel.bird@mcps.co.uk

$2 or IRCs? to Vaseline Zine Box 7984 London SE13 7XR 40 pages, Euro digest

A Very Osaka Hernandez Christmas!
A combination zine/Xmas card featuring pictures of drag queen Osaka Hernandez sharing her thoughts on the holidays.

$1 to John Sanchez Box 0573 Chicago IL 60690-0573 8 pages, digest

Issue 2
+It's not a queer zine, but I thought I'd mention this movie zine because it has an interview with Doug Langway, the director of the gay action movie "Raising Heroes." The movie is about a gay couple; one of them witnesses a mob hit and much gunplay ensues.

$4 to Deadwood Press Box 319 Roselle NJ 07203 32 pages, standard

Violin Outbreak
Issue 13
A report on Estrus Garage Shock 95, which has the problem that there are no advance tickets and shows sell out; a history of the Revillos and Rezillos; an article on transsexual rocker Jayne County; a piece about how people have been badmouthing 60's girl group singers; plenty of music reviews.

$1 to Tony Arena 321 West 16th Apt #2W NY NY 10011 26 pages, standard

Waste of Space
Issue 2-3
Hardly a "waste of space" -- this is a really good personal zine by a transsexual punk dyke. #2 has Kimberly writing about getting a car and the hassles of getting an I.D. which says she's female; a five-minute course on gender; hearing the voice of Steven Jesse Bernstein when writing; not going swimming; Sue, who's from Finland, writes about growing up and realizing she's something else than a genetic boy; a nasty letter from Kimberly's mom. #3 has lyrics by Carol of the band Not My Son, whom Kimberly's claimed as her mom; new astrology information; Kimberly writes about how Jerry Springer has no respect for transsexuals and wouldn't even look at the guests when she was on the show; breaking up fights in the neighborhood; Sue writes about being in the Finnish Navy and coming to terms with her transsexuality.

$1+stamp to Kimberly Box 5814 Eugene OR 97405-0814 28 pages, digest

When I Was Straight
+A chapbook of poetry by Janet Mason. The title poem has lines such as "I worshipped the sun and passed out from the hormones in my birth control pills"; "How to play the maracas" is a prose poem about a gay pride parade. Other poems include "Tampons in Space" and "The Cunt Sonnet." Email: JanetMason@aol.com

$8 to Jim Cory/Insight To Riot Press 2300 Pine St. #9 Philadelphia PA 19103 36 pages, digest

Wild Honey Pie
Issue 10
+Kristy writes about being not straight and not gay; self- help abortion methods; stupid things people say to vegetarians; being half Chinese; icky Trent Reznor; an interviews with Mark Robinson of Unrest, the Pie Tasters, the Wynona Riders, and Larry Livermore of Lookout Records; Chris "Get a Life" Elliot; a report on the 1995 Chicago Underground Press Conference; alternatives to high school; corporate riot grrrl ripoff stuff; finding Nazi stuff at the flea market.

$2 to Kristy Chan 922 NE 17 Street Cape Coral FL 33909- 5355 48 pages, standard

Winter Publishing
Winter Publishing publishes the Alternative Lifestyles directory, a 120-page listing of more than 375 listings of alternative lifestyle publications ($18, $20 Canada, $22 foreign). They also produce several zines for specialty tastes. Oral Majority is a publication for guys into oral sex. It includes fiction, safe sex info, book and video reviews, and personal ads. (Oral Majority is $35 for membership and 6 issues)

Winter Publishing Box 80667 South Dartmouth MA 02748 Age statement required.

Y is for Yuck
Issue 7
*This issue of this comix zine has a silver block-printed cover. The main story is a surreal narrative of a woman on a plane with her friend the bug, who betrays her to hang out with its parents instead.

$1 + a stamp to Camilla Box 420424 SF CA 94142 40 pages, Mini Age statement required.

Issue 2
+This is a zine about sufism, tantra, wicca, and other queer spiritual practices. Contents include an article on intersexual tantra and the roots of wicca in Hinduism; transgender issues, touching on a column by Signorile about Kate Bornstein; James Broughton's The Androgyne Journal.

$2? to Abrasax Publications Box 1219 Corpus Christi TX 78403-1219 8 pages, standard