April 16, 1996 Tribute

On Tuesday, April 16, 1996, the first city-wide celebration of the life of Black, gay writer/activist, ESSEX HEMPHILL, will be presented at the Hine Junior High School, 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E. on Capitol Hill, from 7:00-9:30p.m.

VITAL SIGNS: A CELEBRATION OF ESSEX HEMPHILL is a multimedia showcase of Hemphill's writing and performance. Until his death from complication due to AIDS in November 1995, HemphillÕs poetry, essays and cultural activism addressed the cutting-edge issues facing Black America and particularly those experiences crucial to African American gay men. His lectures and readings touched Black, feminist and artistic communities across the country and abroad. The J. PAUL GETTY CENTER FOR THE HISTORY OF ART AND HUMANITIES is graciously supporting this event.


includes performances by several notable D.C. area artist and remembrances by leaders of the arts and political communities.

For Details call Christopher Prince at (202) 397-2412 or send e-mail c/o Sidney Mason Sdney Mason .

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