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Identity Christianity is an extreme fringe group, which holds that the White, Anglo-Saxon/Germanic peoples are the true Israel, and that Jews are Satanic/demonic pretenders. Identity Christianity is, an outgrowth of British Israelism -- the belief that the true descendants of the Biblical Jews are the people who today inhabit the British Isles, and is, other than their bizarre racial beliefs, remarkably similar in theology to Christian Reconstructionism -- both maintain postmillenialist, highly Calvinistic belief systems. Identity Christianity, in their frequent vocal attacks against lesbians and gay men, follow a direct conclusion from the ethical and moral philosophies of Reconstructionism, in their strong emphasis on Old Testament law as guidelines for Christians in gaining ascendancy within society.

Freedom Writer, February 1994, Speaking of bigotry...
The Three Fatal Errors of Christian Identity
Scriptures for America Worldwide
Israel-Identity FAQ
Produced by adherents to Christian Identity, this document provides a glossed-over and somewhat sugar-coated view of the Christian Identity movement, but is nevertheless valuable as an introductory text, given that the reader understands that it is propaganda.
Scriptures For America FTP directory
Home of pastor Peter J. Peters - a virulently racist, anti-semitic, and homophobic pastor, and leader of the "Christian Identity" movement. A sect which holds that the white race is the nation of Israel of the Bible, and that the Old Testament covenant with the nation of Israel (and thus the laws which form part of this covenant) continue in force today. This sect believes that the government should enforce today the Old Testament laws proscribing male homosexual behavior, including the Old Testament penalties for this behavior.

In their own words...

Scriptures for America is a national outreach Christian ministry directed by Pastor Peter J. Peters and supported by freewill tithes and offerings.

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Melchizidek Viligance
Formerly STRAIGHT, Society to Remove All Godless Homosexual Trash.
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Aryan Nations
God's Honor Affirmed in Love reference library for reconstructing a white christian national identity.
This site offers an interesting perspective on the relationship between Identity and Reconstructionism, from the perspective of an adherent of Identity.
Blut und Ehre (Blood and Honor)
Be Wise as Serpents

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