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Conspiracy theories, particularly "New World Order" conspiracy theories have strongly influenced segments of the religious right, especially those of the religious right who believe in the impending return of Jesus Christ, preceded by a seven year period of chaos which they refer to as "the great tribulation". These theories were largely pioneered by the work of the John Birch Society, which, in addition to being strongly anti-communist, saw the United Nations as the instrument of an international communist conspiracy. These views are particularly apparent in several of Pat Robertson's books, including The New World Order and others. Conspiracy theories are also especially evident in the writings of the religious right fringes, as typified by Texe Marrs, and in much of the material produced by the many far-right militia groups.

The John Birch Society

The Official (?) John Birch Society web page
The New American, published by the John Birch society.
The John Birch Society is perhaps the best long-running example of right wing extremist conspiracy theorists in action.
A review of The Pink Swastika published in the New American magazine
The New American is a publication of the John Birch society.
American Opinion Bookstore web site

Other Conspiracy Theorists

NEW! The Spotlight
Center for Democratic Renewal report on Willis Carto and the Liberty Lobby
NEW! Flashpoint: A Newsletter Ministry of Texe Marrs
NEW! American Times Today
Media Bypass magazine
Patriots for a Constitutional America
This site focuses particularly closely on the supposed Jewish connections to the New World Order, yet disclaims anti-Semitism -- you be the judge.
NEW! The Mustard Seed
The New World Order Intelligence Update
Contains a particularly good listing of books on New World Order conspiracy and apocalyptic topics.
NEW! The Euro-Christian Defence League
NEW! Christians United for Responsible Enlightenment of Society
NEW! Police Against the New World Order
NEW! ParaScope
The Pensylvania Crier
The Other Side of the News
Sanctuary Christian Resource Center
American Freedom Coalition
The American Freedom Coalition is a nonprofit organization formed to introduce and educate "We The People" about The Emergency War Powers Act of March 9, 1933 and the amendment to Section 5 (b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917.
James's Liberty file collection

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