Roger Grauwmeijer

(a.k.a. "KiwiFruitSmurf!!")

Professional Background

Curently employed as a Systems Support Sepecialist with the Computing Services Center of the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand), I specialise in *NIX/OSF, (Open)VMS (yuk!) and UniVerse systems support along with considerable dabbling with NetWare, PCs and Macintoshes. I've had fun getting to this position though:

Political Activism

The days of political activism have all but come to an end for me in this blessed little country. As of 1 February 1994 it has become illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or health status (which includes HIV/AIDS). Since the decriminalization of consenting homosexual activity for those 16 and over 1n 1986, I have been rallying to the cause for equal rights. The battle is now almost won. By almost, I mean that we must now ensure that the new legislation is enforced!

When overseas, however, I still like to fight for our rights. Last year in NYC I joined in on a Campaign for Military Service protest and I still join in on FAX zaps and the like from my, now, Antipodean little haven.


My first and foremost love is to travel! Regular (every 1 to 2 years) trips abroad are the one and only thing that keep me sane in these isolated isles. I've visited Australia several times, Canada twice, and in 1993 did the big 3 month "Overseas Experience" meeting and staying with many net.friends and net.personalities and the occassional net.omnipotent in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. Oh to do it all again... SOON!!!!

Other interests include music (listening and a little playing), cycling, philately, netsurfing, walking, theatre and of course anything to do with cute men any time of day!

Where I Can Be Reached

I will always be able to receive e-mail at: And don't forget, any net.queerfolk are welcome to contact me if they're visiting New Zealand. Dunedin's a long way from Auckland but it's closest to all the best bits of the country! :-)

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