About this Document

by Darci Chapman

The content of this document is published by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. While hard copies are available by calling NGLTF's national headquarters (call 202-332-6483), "on-line" copies in plain text were made available at America Online. Knowing that many activists do not have access to America Online but do have access to the Internet, I (and others) thought it would be a good idea to make this incredible activist's manual available at the Queer Resources Directory.

Many thanks go to Dorsie Hathaway who, between her accounts on America Online, a VAX/VMS system, and a public access Unix system in Portland, OR, was able to provide the plain text version to QRD.

In the several weeks following the Action Kit's arrival to QRD, I worked in transforming the plain text version into an HTML (hypertext markup language) version, a format that is understood by WWW (World Wide Web) client/browsers. This is what you will see here.


I have changed none of the content in the process of recreating this manual. There may be, however, typos (unusual characters that happened during the transfer from AOL to QRD) and some inconistencies in layout between the published version and this version.

Comments and/or Problems

If you have comments, suggestions or problems with any part of this document, please contact the QRD Staff at QRDstaff@vector.intercon.com via email. The more detailed your message (especially for problems! :-), the better.

Last but not least, I hope that you not only enjoy perusing this manual, but more importantly, that you will find the information useful in your Fight Against the Right.