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activists legal pointers: (5.8K, 9/28/1993)
allies who also fight the right: (18K, 10/11/1993)
analysis of a christian coalition stealth campaign: (7.3K, 10/11/1993)
an anecdotal study in rural organizing: (9.6K, 10/11/1993)
articulate responses to homophobic lies and rhetoric: (8.4K, 10/11/1993)
bibliography of books critical of the religious right: (4.7K, 9/27/1993)
bigot busting strategy: (6.3K, 9/27/1993)
biographies of contributors: (6.2K, 9/27/1993)
business community constituency organizing: (10K, 9/27/1993)
civil rights special rights and our rights: (7.7K, 10/11/1993)
coalition building strategy: (9.1K, 9/24/1993)
complete kit text: (326K, 11/15/1993)
concerned women for america case study: (14K, 9/28/1993)
discrimination costs the boycott strategy: (7.1K, 9/27/1993)
effective fundraising strategies: (32K, 7/21/1998)
fundraising can be fun: (8.6K, 9/28/1993)
homosexuality and religion overview: (7.4K, 10/11/1993)
introduction to the christian coalition: (10K, 9/27/1993)
leadership strategy: (6.1K, 9/28/1993)
media advocacy tips: (12K, 9/28/1993)
new right and christian right history: (14K, 11/10/1993)
no on 9 campaign field strategy: (6.9K, 10/11/1993)
organized labor strategy: (15K, 9/28/1993)
organizing against violence: (11K, 9/28/1993)
race and the religious right: (8.8K, 10/11/1993)
religious right organization summary: (10K, 9/28/1993)
rules of engagement: (10K, 9/28/1993)
strategies for working with communities of color: (14K, 9/28/1993)
strategy for avoiding community division: (14K, 9/28/1993)
strategy for people of faith against bigotry: (3Kb, 9/27/1993)
successful canvassing strategies: (8.9K, 9/27/1993)
voter contact strategy: (21K, 9/28/1993)

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