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For the record

The article "Maine Won't Disintegrate" (CBW, 3.7.96) contained several factual inaccuracies that need to be addressed.

Maine Won't Discriminate came into existence with a very specific task - to coordinate the "No on 1" campaign in order to defeat the anti-gay initiative that appeared on the ballot in Maine in November, 1995. It has not assumed the task of coordinating any current efforts to structure a post-MWD group or organization. Thanks to our coalition partners and our volunteers organized by local chapters throughout the state MWD accomplished its task and defeated the referendum.

The board of MWD is still working in order to meet the organization's obligations, including the retirement of the outstanding debt. After these goals are accomplished the Board will resign, but the political action committee name Maine Won't Discriminate will be maintained. The strength of MWD came from its coalition partners and the grassroots No on 1 organization throughout the state. Now, with no MWD centralized control, these individuals and organizations are building on the local energy of the No on 1 campaign in a variety of ways throughout the state. On May 11 organizations and individuals will be invited to come together to discuss a communications network to share resources and concerns. This network has never met, has no name and most certainly has no prearranged agenda of issues. To my knowledge, there is no effort underway in Maine to legalize same gender marriage. The Maine Lesbian-Gay Political Alliance has always done an excellent and responsible job of coordinating legislative efforts to secure civil rights and I am confident that they will continue to do so.

The religious political extremists continue to target gay men and lesbians both in Maine and nationally in order to raise money and polarize people. We are fortunate that the citizens of Maine have spoken out clearly against discrimination and rejected the politics of hate.

Patricia A. Peard
Chair, Executive Board
Maine Won't Discriminate

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