Bry's Quick Stop Promotes Promotes Hate in Madawaska

The images on this page are facsimilies of the order-for and the imprint on 24 tee-shirts ordered by Bry Daigle, owner of

Bry's Quick Stop
530 Main Street
Madawaska, Maine 04756

The note received from a friend in Madawaska:

I'm writing to you because you know everybody who might be in a position to investigate a group in Madawaska that is very anti-gay and possibly militant and maybe dangerous to any of our "family" up there.

A man named Bry Daigle from Bry's Quick Stop in Madawaska ordered 24 T- shirts with the following imprint.--"NORTHERN MAINE MEMBER M.A.G. Maine Against Gays working to keep Maine straight. Est, 1997 Chapter" with "Local 69" printed on the back.

Attached is a copy of the work order of the t-shirt company which made them--they were told they could not refuse because of the 1st amendment and could be sued. The order was completed 6/26.

Somebody should investigate this activity but I don't know how to get the word out--I thought maybe you could help because you know every one. My sense is that this is Christian Coalition backlash and we need to be on top of it. I certainly feel that there might be a potential threat to anyone who is gay living in this area.