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June 1, 1997

Leave it alone

The group known as Concerned Maine Families has decided, apparently for financial reasons, not to contest the state's recently enacted gay rights law. We hope that, upon further reflection, the Christian Civic League of Maine will decide to do the same.

The issue has been deliberated for years in successive sessions of the Maine Legislature. This time around, a majority of legislators in both houses - elected by all of us - decided the time had come for a measure prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals in employment, housing, public accommodations, and credit. Gov. Angus King signed the measure into law, and we believe that the law should be given a chance to work.

If the dire consequences predicted by some of its more strident opponents come to pass, there will be ample opportunity for a repeal effort. We doubt that day-to-day life for most Mainers will be the least bit affected by the legislation.

We hope members of Concerned Maine Families and the Christian Civic League will honor our process of representative government and accept the will of the majority. Maine does not need yet another divisive referendum campaign with gay rights supporters and opponents battling and vilifying one another. It would likely end up being vicious, ugly and personal, and demeaning to all of us."

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