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My Thanks to the Following People

* My thanks to Amy T. Goodloe for the great ideas she generously shares on her homepage, Amy's Obsession, and the graphics I shamelessly "borrowed" from her.
She runs a Macintosh and Web consulting service in the San Francisco Bay Area, Women Online, and can be contacted at:

* My thanks also to Carol Seajay of Feminist Bookstore Network who also publishes the Feminist Bookstore News. She cofounded Old Wives' Tales bookstore in San Francisco, California, with Paula Wallace although she has not been associated with the store for some years. This wonderful store is no longer in business, a great loss to the women's community. She publishes a list of feminist bookstores, updated yearly, for one dollar ($1.00 US), which barely covers her costs. Send away for it. It's much more convenient to carry around than your computer.

Feminist Bookstore News (FBN)
P.O. Box 882554
San Francisco, CA 94188 USA

She is a tireless worker and has done a lot for the women's community.

* My gratitude to Margaret Gillon, who has recently written a wonderful reference book, Lesbians in Print, a bibliography of lesbian writing with synopses of fifteen thousand books and which contains yet another terse list of feminist and lesbian/gay male bookstores.

Contact her in care of her publisher:
Bluestocking Books
P.O. Box 50998
Irvine, CA 92619-0998 USA
Read her book for titles, authors, genre, or publishers of interest. Order lesbian books from feminist, lesbian or lesbian-friendly stores.

* My thanks to the many women who have written me with information about their local bookstores or bookstores they somehow know of.
* Special thanks to Karen Sloan (, who has been of enormous help in coordinating research and extending this list with European and South American feminist bookstores. Thank you Karen, for your hard work and many telephone calls. I am greatly in your debt.
* My gratitude to Alejandra Sarda (, for her help with women's bookstores in Argentina.

Contact her at:
Escrita en el cuerpo (Written on the Body)
Archivo y Biblioteca Lesbica (Lesbian Archives and Library)
Piedras 1170 - 1ero. B
Buenos Aires
Avenida San Martin 2704 4to.C
Buenos Aires
+54.(0)1.373.89.55 FAX
* Special thanks also to Kirsten Andrews (Kirsten Andrews), and to Elizabeth Winthrop (, who have helped to extend this list into the Southern Hemisphere with Australian feminist bookstores and also bookstores in New Zealand. Thank you both, very, very much.
* Thanks also to Elvira Tonelli (, for her help with Italian bookshops. Grazie mille, Elvi.
* My thanks to June Thomas (, for the names and addresses of many publishers around the world.
* My warmest gratitude to Aliza Sherman of the wonderful Cybergrrl! webstation for her generous provision of space for Women's Books Online, the women's book review page.
Different Drummer Logo My sincere thanks, too, go to the women of Different Drummer Bookstore of Laguna Beach, California for their very kind permission to reuse the "BookWoman" logo I designed for them as a graphic element in these and other pages.

Contact the store at:
Different Drummer Bookstore
1027 North Coast Highway ÷ Suite A
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


* My special thanks to Sarah Stapleton-Gray for her patient advice, help, and encouragement.
* My very special thanks to the good people at The Institute for Global Communications (IGC) for their generosity in providing web space for the Feminist Bookstore Index.
IGC also provides space for Feminist Activist Resources on the Net and WomensNet, as well as other important services to the environmental and progressive communities.
Contact them at:
The Institute for Global Communications
18 De Boom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

+1 (415) 546-1794 FAX
+1 (415) 442-0220 Voice

* My thanks also to the fine people at Queer Resources Directory (QRD) for their generosity in providing web space for the Gay and Lesbian Bookstore Index.
QRD also provides space for a large number of important resources for the queer community, including but not limited to, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, cross-dressing, and transgendered people.
* And finally, my undying gratitude to the many generations of queer people who have struggled to make their voices heard, to make the voices of other queer people heard, and remembered, by writing, publishing, selling, buying, and reading queer books and other literature. Thank you.

Thank you all.


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